Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

A New crafting company!.....Chalk Couture.  I was hooked the first time I saw it.  They use silk screen quality transfer and chalk paste that is applied with squeegees.  Once this chalk paste dries it is smudge proof!...and kid proof!  These transfers can be applied to chalkboard, material, wood, glass, mirrors and even directly on walls!  When you are tired of it, it can be removed with a damp cloth.  Here is a sneak peek of my starter kit:

Love, love, love!  So FUN and EASY!  Warning.....warning...It is very addicting!  LOL

Here are a few pictures of what Toni (Daughter) and I (Mother) made with our starter kit.  Get

 We put a little glitter on the white nique.  A little hard to see in the picture, but it is there.

It's time to change this to another transfer, but I don't want to get rid of this.....guess I will just have to buy another chalkboard.  LOL

I'm lovin this!  Just sayin.

Go check out the web site and see what else they have to offer.  So, so cool!  Off to the right of my page.  by site is:

Have a great day and keep on stampin and chalkin!

Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy  ;-)

And then I did:

And then to clean it off and get ready to start a new one!  Win, win!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Chalk Couture - ROCKtober Bundle

Just trying to keep it real and pass on any and all savings!

Still waiting on my kit - So excited!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dashing Deer Die Set Christmas Card

And here it is, and here it is, boom chick-a-boom boom boom chick-a-boom boom!

Whoa, I love it!  Starry nights, Christmas nights, Family fun!

OK, this didn't start out so good.  I have a new medium that I just am no good at....yet!

I started out using my Gel Press (JM-0107).  Here is my first attempt:


The one on the left I did on the Gel Press....I turned it over and did the one on the right without the gel press.  (I have seen many designs done on the Gel Press that are gorgeous, but....mine is not there yet.  At least not in my opinion.  Lot to learn there - another day.

So I took the one on the right and ran with it.  Here are some more pictures:



Look at the reflection on my flat painted shelf!  So cool, that is the shimmer from our Gold Mirror paper (CS-0136)

AND....Up close and personal!

So happy how this guy turned out.

Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy

I would love to hear what you all think, just drop me a comment


My New Adventure In The Craft World - Chalk Couture

Oh, wow, this is so awesome.  Writing on chalkboard is what's in now, but my handwritting just doesn't have that professional, artistic look.  That is where Chalk Couture comes in.  This is a new company that uses screen printing like transfers.  (that are reusable 20 - 50 times)  Say what!  They can be used on chalkboards purchased from the company or you can do it yourself on prepared wood, chalkboard, windows, mirrors and even material!

One of the neat things is, once the chalk paste is dry, you can't mess it up.  You cannot smear it!  But.....if you want to change the sign you can with water!  Win, win!  Say you want to change things for holidays for example.

But you also can make things permanent; for example on wood by putting a sealant like lacquer.  So, so cool, I love it and I am very excited to get my starter kit!  I will try to make a video when I receive this!  Here is their logo:

I have this off to the right if you want to check out my store.

Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Noel Wreath

Well, this card was fun but a bit labor intensive!  Took me a few days but I do like it.  It's a good thing because I made 12!  LOL

This all started when I was making cards for a friend and I used the mirror paper (CS-0137) for a circle frame.  Well, I ended up with 10 circles of Mirror paper (It is a little pricey) so I needed to make something with it.

I started by stamping the image (Noel Wreath AT-0267) and coloring with our Color Burst pencils (JM-0077) while watching TV.  (Maybe that's why it took so long)  I blended the color on Santa, but not the animals.  I thought it looked more like the texture of fur, feathers etc.  Then I fussy cut them all out!

On to the next step:   I die cut the wreath (DI-0250 Medallion Wreath Die Set) and colored the bow with our Cranberry Bliss Silk (IP-0094)  That stuff that looks like nail polish.

Do you see the silver mirror paper?  or and yea, I had to die cut 12 black circles a little bigger than the mirror paper.  I also used the mirror paper that I cut the circles from and used every space I could to die cut the snow flakes.


I stamped the background with our stamp Flannel Life (SS-0325) with Black Licorice ink (IP-0041).  Yep, its a stamp not designer paper!

Of course I had to pop everything up.  I used fun foam, small and medium foam square, glue dots, and liquid glue!  whew.....a lot of adhesives! 

Here are some views of the finished products:

I used a plain black circle for this one.

This is designer paper instead of the black circle.  Check out the mirror paper.  You can see my arm in the background taking the picture!  Too funny!

This one too!

Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy!  :-)