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The Snuggle Is Real

The Snuggle is Real.  Love this.  The back says 'hug me' all across it.  I used Couture Ink Eucalyptus.  Ink is so smooth and easy to work with.

My how to video:

Just in time for a very important certain someone's birthday.  :-)
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Replay Of The Whys & Hows of Chalk Couture Paste

I like to go over every once in a while to explain just what Chalk Couture is and go over its different products.  I thought live videos were the easiest way to do this.  However, I am not the best at lives so bear with me please.  I welcome all your comments and questions.  

Here is the replay:

I hope this helps!  Let me know.  If you would like a look around or join (& receive a 40% discount) and become a designer like me.  Just go to the link below my bitmoji

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Rustic Wreath House Sign

I have been thinking and working on this project for some time.  First I needed to distress this round of wood and stain it in a dark color so it would show up by the front entrance to our house.  1. I painted it white first and then applied the walnut stain with a rag & clear Minwax across the board.  2. Sanded around the edge and on different places on the board.  3.  I used both clear and dark Minwax to both protect the surface and to make it easier for the Chalk Paste application.

I used several transfers:  Rustic Wreath, Double Welcome, Life In Full Bloom and Gourmet Font.  Chalk paste colors are:  Custard, Peachy, Mint, and Brick.  I will use several coats of a protective topcoat since we live in Florida with very humid weather.

Here is my video:

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Gone Fishing on a Pillow!

Gone Fishing on a Pillow!

I love using Chalk Couture Inks!  They go on so smooth and always achieve professional results.  So nice for a non-artist like me.  Makes me feel like an artist!  Yea Me!  No more stick figures......well not with Chalk Couture anyway.  I am making some pillows for some good friends of ours...hope they like them!  I used Chalk Couture ink colors:  Storm, Eucalyptus, Black, Red, silver, and copper.  Pillows are so fun.....I'm thinking of a snuggle pillow...hmmmm.  Keep watching.

As always my video with the how to:

Keep on Chalkin!

Bathroom Etiquette

Ok, I saw a sign once that read 'You keep peeing on the seat and I will use your toothbrush to clean it! ...Love mom'  Made me laugh, however I don't think
I would do that.  This is a lot more basic & I love it!

I just got an inexpensive frame from my local store, added white card stock and then I used black velvet paste on the Bathroom Etiquette transfer directly on the glass! This is the transfer and ink I used:

Bathroom Etiquette Silk Screen Transfer

Black Velvet Chalkology Paste

And of course my how to video:

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C R E A T E * C R E A T E * C R E A T E * & C R E A T E*
Well, you get the idea.  Fun to play with all of these awesome transfers....and that is exactly what I am doing!

As a you see my Don't Quit Your Daydream?  Just sayin, it is always on my desk!  :-)
Anyway back to my CREATE.  I love the different colors and the simplicity of this, don't you? But if I want to change it, I just wipe it off with a damp rag and start all over.  Eazy Peazy!

So, my how to video:

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Inspirational sayings...yep this falls right into this category!  Throw Kindness around like Confetti!  I used three different colors of chalk paste:   Ocean Mist, Cherry Blossom and Currant Jam.  This was all put on Chalk Couture 10" Magnetic Black Round.  This was a fast one! 

And here is my how to Video:  :-)

Happy Chalking Everyone!

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