Thursday, June 14, 2018

Coffee Time

Hi everyone!  A quick and easy one for this Thursday!  Chalk Paste on my coffee cups.

I used the Chalk Couture transfer 'Coffee Time' and White and Kiwi Chalk Ink.  Always fun and easy.  My granddaughter Sydni started making these two color blends at my class Friday night.  Everyone liked it!

Here is my video.......

I will be gone for a few weeks visiting family in North Carolina, but Sydni has a video for you all coming on Tuesday.  So be sure and come back and check it out!

Happy Chalkin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Farm House or Farmhouse Decor is the life for me.........

Ok, so I'm not really a farm girl, but I am a farmhouse decor girl.  Suburbs girl I am, living and loving life in Florida!
I added to my Farmhouse decor today.  I have an old stool, from when my kids were little that I refinished.  Stained the legs and painted the top with Black Chalk Paint.  Then....I chalked, chalked and chalked!  Well you get the picture right?! - Here it is

And Of course I did a video!............

I will be gone visiting family in NC for a couple of weeks, so Sydni is helping grandma out with a video.  Here is a picture of her own creation.   So, so talented!

Come back next week and see her video!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Grill Master for Father's Day!

I just recently received this transfer 'Grill Master' which is perfect for father's day! 

So cute right.  So much you can do with it.  I decided to put this on an apron.

I love how the big flame turned out.  I inked it in yellow and then orange around the outline and blended it in.  Love the variation of color!  To make the orange I mixed the Red Ink and the Yellow Ink.  You may have noticed (in the video) I placed the words Master Grill several times on the apron before I inked it.  This was to make it less sticky so it would not pull off the color I already inked.  My Hubby is the King of our grill and he has a birthday coming soon.  hmmmm....😉🙋

My video....

Time to party!  Happy Chalkin!

OK Guys!  I had a home party last night and everything was going great, and then I went to help someone with their creation (Canvass Apron) and I smudge their Navy Ink - OH NO!  What did I do?!  So they left it with me to try and fix.  We tried Club Soda and it helped some, but it was a dark blue on a gold canvas you could see it.  It was on the words Grillin.  So today I took the big flame and inked yellow with orange around the smudged ink to try and hide it.  And I am so happy to report it turned out great.  This is what I call a happy mistake!  I liked it so much I did it on my apron for my hubby who has a birthday this Tuesday!  Here is a picture of his apron:

Here is to all your mistakes turn into happy mistakes!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New Favorite Summer Transfer 'Live Life In Flip Flops'

I am loving this transfer!  This time I put it on the front and back of my plain white T-Shirt.  Dressed it up.   I used the following ink colors which are permanent:  Black, White, Teal, Coral & Storm.  Take parchment paper and a medium no steam iron for 4 minutes to make it washable.  Yea, take a look:



So fun!  I did a video only this time I left the mistakes I made in the video so I could show you how I fixed them.  I don't even think you would be able to find them now if I didn't point them out to you.

So, the video.....

Just having so much fun!  Won't Stop, can't stop, don't want to stop.  LOL  Come and join in on the fun!  Happy Chalkin........

Friday, June 1, 2018

Farmhouse Chalked Wooden Wall Hanging

Pretty cool if I do say so myself!  My hubby hung this up in my laundry room, also the room right off of the very handy to hang umbrellas, hats, apron and whatever!  LOL  Better then a pile on the floor.  The fastest and the most fun for me was the chalking!  Definitely my 'Happy Place'!

My Video............. 

I hope you all get a chance to try this!  I hate to have all the fun!  LOL