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The Gang Is All Here

It's not often the whole family can get together.  This is exactly what happened this weekend.  It started because of the hurricane that went through the Carolinas.  Thankfully all is well and we had a great visit.  The whole week was with family.  Awesome!
Here are some pictures.

All five grandkids ages 1 to 14!  Love, love, love!

The Whole Gang!  All five of the grandkids plus their mommies and daddies. 

A very fun and awesome week!

And here we are with our babies!

Love, love, love!

3D Happiness Is Homemade

Happiness Is Homemade!  I agree with this statement 100 percent!  Not only for the recipient but for the giver too!  Nothing like giving something homemade to someone.  It says you are so worth it to me!

How cool is this?!  I love the idea that I originally saw by Angela DiBetta.  Such a cute idea and the flowers are removable.  Since our Chalk Couture board is magnetic I just attached magnets to the back of the flowers.  Now I can change them up for the season or holiday.  Say Poinsettia for Christmas or Easter Lilies for Easter.  You get the picture....  I used the transfer 'Happiness is Handmade' and the chalk Paste I used are Ocean Mist, Custard (Fawn), Garden Herb and Elephant Grey.
And here is my how to video:

So if you would like to shop or join, or maybe just window shop, check the link below my bitmoji

My Live - Actually I Can!

I did a live video today with the transfer 'Actually I Can'!  I used the hot mess technique.  Kinda fun really, messy like little kids with finger paints, but fun and I really like the results - Kinda like tie dye.  Take a look.  Just fast forward if it gets too long.  :-)

Thanks for stoppin by!!

Masculine Cards

Well I had a need for several Masculine cards, so I took the day to make a few.  (+ a little extra to have on hand)  Here is a picture of four to start off with....I will add as I make them.

That's a start, it is always a challenge for me to make masculine cards.  I chose some designer paper I thought were more masculine (you know, rugged, distressed....hehehe)  I used a shinny silver card stock and ran it through the big shot with a honeycomb embossing folder.  Then I embossed with silver, gold, and a light blue embossing powder.  I put a thin strip of this on the inside of my card.  Turned out really cool looking.  

And for my younger masculine cards:

Hmmmm....I wonder who these are for?  

Having fun today!  Actually having fun every day.....That is my goal!

Days Until Christmas

I know its only September and here in Florida it is still in the 90's.  What is it like by you?  Still, in the crafting world this is a great time to at least start thinking about it!  Love this time of year (Fall/Winter) in Florida & so many holidays involving family and friends.  I will be posting about all three holidays through out the season along with regular posts.  This is what I am working on today.

Cute Right?!  No stress really....only 110 days!  Lots of time.  I used our 10" White magnetic round and our 3" chalkboard chip.  They recently changed our pastes colors so I will put in parentheses the closest new color name.  Colors:  Black (Black Velvet), Emerald (Green Envy), Red (Candy Apple), Canary (Buttermilk) and Elephant Grey (Fresh Linen) Of course the transfer is:  Days Until Christmas
and my 'How To Video'

Love, love, love....Chalk Couture makes everything so fun & I love the wow factor every time you remove the transfers.

Shop Until You…

Falling Leaves with So Thankful

Wow, I love this time of year.  It doesn't feel quite like fall yet, but it is coming!  What do you think of this picture?

Does this not say Fall!  Love it!

A little sneak peak of some Christmas ornaments too.  I used our very affordable Board & Base which you can chalk on both sides (Landscape & Profile).  Two transfers:  'Fall Leaves' & 'Together So Blessed Thankful'
Another use for the last transfer mentioned (especially the 'So Blessed') is to chalk it on the glass of your favorite picture which I have done below:

My Babies!  They are so cute aren't they?!  My daughter in-law drew this for us several years ago.  Lots of talent, right?!! Anyway how neat is this to chalk over the glass of any framed picture you want.  Love, love, love!  
And now my how to video:

So if you would like to shop just click the link below my bitmoji.  See you next time!

Joy To The World

Say what?!  Christmas in August?!  Well yea...hehehe.  It is almost 100 degrees here in Florida and I am working on Christmas.  I love Christmas and everything that goes with it - family, friends and most of all Jesus!  Crafting takes a little time, but sure is worth the time and effort when you get such awesome, professional results.

So what do you think?  .........Yea, fall is in the air, I love this time of year.
Here is my video:

So don't you want to make some homemade goodness?!  Just check the link below my bitmoji

Nothing says you care more then a homemade gift - All the time and heart put into it.
Have a great day!