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Buy The Shoes! Club Couture

Club Couture subscriptions are here!  WooHoo!!  starting February 1st 2019.

The subscription begin Feb 1st and include a B size transfer (8 1/2 x 11) and 3 chalkology paste singles for $19.99/month.  This will be shipped FREE to your home on the 5th of the month.  Did I mention FREE SHIPPING?!!   This is awesome for anyone who does not want to invest into an inventory, but would like to play & create once a month. But if you would like to have more supplies Chalk Couture has a Kickstart Kit.  This is available on your initial enrollment of Club Couture Subscription and completely optional. This is what you will receive in your Kit:
Small SqueegeeMulti-ToolBoard EraserChalkology Paste Bright White - 3 oz. jarCouture Gallery Board (9 x 12 Magnetic)Couture Boutique Board & Base $69.99 a savings of$6.95.  You will have to pay shipping for this kit.

And my how to video:

Boy, I love this stuff!!
If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (after 2/1/19) or join just click the link …

Home & Hearts Go Together Like Love & Marriage!

Boy you can tell how old I am by my title!  An old, old song I use to hear my mom sing.  🎶
I just changed up my 9 x 12 Aiden Frame from Christmas to Valentine Decor.  Here it is:

So easy to do.  I love how Chalk Couture makes it so easy to change up my designs.  I love going around my house and decorating now.  It's affordable and fun.  Plus it's a lot of satisfaction to see the designs I can make myself!

Here is my how to video:

Lots of changes and new stuff coming our way.  New catalog full of new transfers & surfaces, Plus new subscription options and Kits!!👏🏻💃🏻  Look for all these changes February 1st - 4th.
If you would like to browse, shop or join just click the link below my bitmoji  😍

A Few Things I Have Been Working On Since Christmas.....Come Look And See!

Well, Christmas is over for 2018 and all the decorations are down and put away.  I am ready to start out new with 2019!  But first I want to show you what I made for a couple of gifts:

I stained and waxed this wood round,  applied two transfers:  'Love Never Ends' and 'Rustic Wreath'.  I put a couple coats of Protective topcoat and two handles.

It's a serving tray, but you could easily attach a lazy susan kit to the     bottom.

Speaking of Lazy Susan this is how I re-decorated mine:

Ready to play FOOTBALL?!!

The Vintage Truck had a Christmas Tree on it and Santa and Sleigh were flying on top.  I wanted to keep the truck, so I just removed the chalk, all but the truck, and re-chalked for Super bowl!  Sadly the Chicago Bears lost their play-off game, but we are still ready for Super Bowl.  

Watch my video to see how I made these have to watch all the way to the end 😉

And now Chalk Couture has a new kit for customers only (designers can get the tran…

Christmas Tree Farm On A Pillow

Getting my guest room ready for my family coming to visit over the holidays.  So excited to see them!
I used Chalk Couture Ink and the silkscreen transfer 'Christmas Tree Farm'

Here is my how to video:

Now, I am going to take a few weeks to get everything ready and enjoy the time with family and friends.  I wish for you a happy, joyful and blessed Christmas and I will be back next year!

Deck The Palms - Inside and Outside!

Deck the palms, with this Florida home, inside and outside.

Chalking on the Inside


on the Outside

But, brrrrr it's only 58 today and baby it's cold outside!  Our Florida winter is here!  It was pretty funny cause I was helping putting up our outside lights sweating....really!  And this was just a couple of days ago.....I don't think I can ever go back to the mid-west; too, too, cold!
So much fun chalking in the inside (I can regulate the temp. inside LOL)
As always my how to video:  Take special notice of my Camo Palm Trees!

If you would like to browse, shop or join just click the link below my bitmoji.

14 Days Till Christmas! Chalk, chalk & chalk some more!!

Having Fun With Christmas Chalking

I have been having so much fun Chalking for Christmas, that I forgot to post.....Oh my, I have three pieces and videos to post, so this is all three in one post!

Changing my Lazy Susan in my kitchen from fall (a load of pumpkins in the back of my truck & Halloween critters) to Winter/Christmas.🎄🤶

Chalking on my Box Frame 'Believe'.  On the other side I have chalked 'Harvest' which I displayed on Thanksgiving.

And my Nativity.  I sanded this block, stained it, whitewashed and distressed it.  I also put a light coat of natural wax to make it easier to chalk.

So a lot of chalking right?!  I realized I did a couple more which I do not have videos for.  I will post these at the end of this post.

So here are my how to videos:

Vintage Truck with 'Believe'

'Believe' on my Box Frame

So here is a little bonus, some pictures without videos.  Mother and daughter had some chalking time together!  Yeah, so much fun!

Mother (that's me)


Home & Wreath

Watch out!  I'm chalkin everything in my path with Christmas Decor.  More specifically Farmhouse Christmas Decor!  Love it!💖🎄🤶 

I love it!  So, so cute!  And those are Dollar Tree flowers in my vase.  So now this can be a year around vase, I will just change the flowers up.  🤶  You have to enjoy a great value!  This is a B size transfer called 'Home & Wreath' and the chalk paste colors I used are Black Velvet, Garden Herb and Emerald (The new color is Green Envy, a very pretty Christmas green). Then I went crazy on my farmhouse Christmas tree.  See how many Chalk Couture ornaments you can find on my tree:

This is so fun!...can't stop, don't want to stop!  LOL  It's an addiction, but a happy one!  😍😎💖

Don't forget to look at the gifts below the 🎄.

Now my how to video:

If you are interested in Chalk Couture and would like to browse, shop or join just click the link below my bitmoji.…