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Simple Bright White chalk paste on chalkboard.  All the fancy techniques and colors, I sometime forget how striking all white is on a chalkboard.  This one is on my Verity framed chalkboard that is porcelain-coated magnetic couture board. Love it!

This transfer also has FAMILY with its definition.

Home & Family, that's what it is all about!  

My video, watch how  quick and easy!

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Etching On Glass

Yep etching on glass & nope, it won't hurt the transfer!  You may want to wear gloves, as it can be hard on your skin.  If it does land on your skin, as it did mine (go figure) just wash it off right away.

This is what I did:

Pretty cool right?!  And a few more.....

All of these I used my transfer 'Beach Day' from Chalk Couture. Best thing about these is that it will not wash off.  It is permanent and top rack of your dishwasher safe.
Here is a picture of the transfer:

12 different designs!  I have also used these on Koozies, which you can see on my earlier posts.

The one thing I neglected to mention on my video is to be sure and fuzz your transfer before putting it on the glass.  Glass is a non porous surface & this transfer will really stick if you don't fuzz (sticky side of transfer on t-shirt or towel to take some of the stickiness off).  :-)

Now for my how to video:

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Two Different Backgrounds on Canvas

I wanted to try out some backgrounds on canvas.  Of course I had to use our transfer again 'Worry Less Love More'  The white canvas I used the watercolor technique.  My best tip for this one is to choose colors that work or mix well together because you never know how it will mix.  Sometimes if you use your primary colors (red, blue & yellow) or some version of them you will achieve the colors you like and avoid a muddy look.  As for the black canvas, it's an easy technique.  I did have a little ink seep out which I cleaned up after I pulled the transfer off.  I cleaned it with a wet Q-tip.  It came right off.  The ink wasn't dry yet, so that worked.

Here is my how to video:

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Worry Less Love More On a Distressed Board

Really happy how this turned out!  So.....this is how I did it: First I cut down a chalkboard that I got from a local home improvement store, than I painted with Plaster chalk paint, which also can be purchased at your home improvement store or craft stores.  After the paint dried I sanded the edges and randomly on the surface to get this distressed look.  Then the magic happened with Chalk Couture transfer 'Worry Less Love More'  Watch my video to see how I did the rest - - - - - - - - -

So fun to create, & no weeding!  Love it!

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Bible Journal Proverbs 28 : 1

The wicked run away when no one is chasing them,  but the godly are as bold as lions.
Proverbs 28 : 1

I got this idea from Scribbling Grace.  She has some really good and do-able Bible Journaling.

So I did this in my Bible journal

A little closer view:

I love drawing, coloring, painting in my Bible.  I try to make sure I can read through the art work if possible.  It also helps me to refresh in my mind all the wonderful passages.  I need to do this more ofter!

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Homespun Flag + June Club Couture!

This one.....Or

This one!

I had a hard time with this one, as far as taking a picture.  It was hard to get it to show up on a picture like it is in person!  I love this one.  I did put glitter on the fireworks, but it does not pick up in the picture.

To begin with, I played around with the surface.  I took a piece of chalkboard that I got at Home Depot, painted it with Plaster color chalk paint.  When it was dry I sanded all around the edges and corners to distress it.  Some of the transfer did pick up some of the Plaster paint, but I didn't care it just played with the distressed look.  The transfers I used are:  'Homespun Flag', 'Beach Day' & June Club Couture 'Pin Wheels'.  I had fun playing with this yesterday afternoon.

I love our new monthly Club Couture.  It is a monthly subscription which is only $19.99 + tax and FREE Shipping/a month.  Woop, woop!  A fun surprise every month.  What you get each and every month is a 'B' size transfer (8…

Chalk Ink meets my Koozies

Such a fun, fast & easy project!  You just can't beat that!  Right?!

Really guys, this was fast and fun.  I only used two colors of ink, your basic Bright White and Black Velvet.  They just popped on these bright Koozies.  (not sure if I spelled it correctly, I have seen it with a 'C' and a 'K'.  But you get the idea.)  For this project I used Beach Day, but there are several transfers you could use, any actually that fit on the Koozie.  :-)  Now all I have to do is heat set them.  You can do this with parchment paper and either an iron (4 minutes, no steam) or heat press (300 for 30 seconds)  Keep moving either the iron or heat press around because this is going on a foam type of material.  

And here is my quick how to:

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