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Happy Thanksgiving!

So what are your favorite dishes to make and eat for Thanksgiving?  I like turkey maybe once a year.  LOL  But this year we are including chicken and ham.  Yum, thanks to two of my grandchildren who will be eating with us I will have other choices besides turkey!  My favorite of the sides are probably the green bean casserole, and stuffing (so long as no meat or organs [yuck] are in it)  😉 

I made this just for our holiday. I used two transfers:  Thanksgiving Corners & Give Thanks.  Chalkology Paste are:  Fawn, Marigold, Garden Herb and two different shades of orange (which I mixed - I just added white to make it lighter)

So here is my how to video:

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Harvest on our 6 1/2 x 18 1/2 Box Frame

I LOVE this!! I know, I know everyone is a new favorite.  This is true, it just keeps getting better and better.  This is on my buffet in my dining room all ready for Turkey day!  So Blessed!  I used:  Transfer - 'Harvest Transfer' and Chalk Paste Bright White and Marigold. Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy

Here is my how to video

Another favorite!  What about you?!

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Pillows, Pillows, I love Decorative Pillows!

Take Chalk Couture silkscreen transfer + their inks and put them on pillow cases and what do you get?  Beautiful, professional decorative pillows is what you get!!  No kidding!  Even if you make mistakes, which I do on a regular basis, it turns out great.  This is what I have been working on lately:

I can't tell you in words how happy I am with the results, even with my mistake, it turned out so, so good!  Really Chalk Couture takes all the hard stuff out of it.  Please try it, you will love it. I use two transfers:  Fresh Pumpkin & Harverst The Inks I used are:  Bright White, Bumblebee, Fawn, Storm, Papaya and Shimmer Copper.
My how to video:

So do you love it?!  I sure do!!

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How Many Times Can You Use One Transfer? Starring 'Beary Christmas' & 'Houndstooth'

Well quite a few!  I used Beary Christmas on four places and the houndstooth on a couple so far.....It can go much farther than that.  As far as your creative mind can take you and on many different surfaces!  Here is a picture of a few.

Love this little lady, isn't she cute?!  I used a combination of inks and paste.  So fun!  I think I will add some jingle bells to my polar bears with either a red or green bow.  ❤️🔔✝︎✯ I used Gold Shimmer Ink, Silver Shimmer Ink, Fresh Linen Paste.  The two transfers I used are 'Beary Christmas' & 'Houndstooth'. is my how to video (replay of my live)

This was fun and admittedly getting easier to do....lives that is.  :-) I decided to do another video with this cute bear, this time on canvas!  Here is my video

I love this little guy, plus the ability to use this transfer over and over again!  I used this on two sides of a pillow case, T-shirt, 4 MDF cut outs and now canvas and it is still very sticky and ready to …

Home Wreath - December Club Couture

I have been waiting for this transfer since they brought our catalog out this summer.  They showed us about 6 monthly transfers all the way through January.  Here it is:

Awesom right?!  I love this one.  I added the wooden arrow I cut out on my Scroll Saw (my new toy)  Because this is one of Chalk Coutures Magnetic boards, I can attach my 3D element with magnetics!  WooHoo!🙌🏼
I used one of our new neutral chalk paste Fresh Linen for the HME. I used Garden Herb and Emerald for the wreath and Currant Jam for the berries.
Here is my how to video (It is live so a little long)

This transfer is available December 1, 2018.
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Thanks Everyone!

Beary Christmas! So, So Cute!

So cute, I love her.  Yes I made her a female, just seemed to fit.  If you cannot tell from my picture, this is a decorative pillow case.  Once this side is dry I am going to ink up the transfer 'Houndstooth Pattern' for the background and then put my cute 'Beary Christmas' on top.  I also used Chalk Couture's White Ink.  Eazy and easy!

And my how to video:

And this video with the Houndstooth background:

So which one do you like?



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Mrs. Claus' Candy Shop

Don't you love it!  I sure do.  I love the wow factor after I pull the transfer off.  It's always the feeling 'Wow, I did that?!  So cool!  Chalk Couture makes it so easy for everyone.  There is always a small learning curve so hopefully I am giving you all some tips and tricks in my videos.   I am using my Hanging Banner again, the same one I used for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  (Check out my videos if you haven't seen them yet)  This hanging banner has a 2 per package refills.  So you can keep on changing it up for holidays, seasons, or just because you can!  LOL The ink colors I used are:  Kiwi, Meadow, Shimmer Copper, Shimmer Gold, Candy Apple, Regal, Bumblebee, Bright White & Black Velvet.   Wow, I guess I used a lot of colors........

And here is my how to video:

Ok, I counted and I think I used the term 'this is so much fun' at least 3 time!

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