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 Bunnies everywhere!  I have a new crafting tool!  A Laser cutter.  My husband and I have been enjoying creating with it.   I am using the inside cut outs to decorate with my Chalk transfers.  What do you all think?! Here is my video πŸ“½️ - Short & Sweet Thanks for stopping by! Everywhere you can find me.


  Time to start making ornaments.  I used wood rounds & drilled holes on top for hanging with twine.  I used our chalk paste and painted with a brush.  Putting a little water on the brush will help blends the colors.  Just keep painting until you get the background color you like.  I used Black Velvet Chalk Paste to squeegee on the transfer "Hurry down the chimney tonight'. My short video/Reel πŸ“½️ Thanks for stopping my 😊 Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰

My Nativity Set

Love❣️ Everything in this kit (Stable & figurines) come in white.  I painted the figurines with chalk paste (Shimmer Gold) comes with kit, I used Nominee (which is a Metallic Gold) with a brush and foam brush.  I then waxed & chalked  I painted the stable with an off-white with white paint from top middle to bottom. Of course, you can do this anyway you wantπŸ˜‰  This is my favorite by far!  And it's a kit.  This is what comes with it: Here is my how to Video πŸ“½️ So easy to make your own! Here is a link to this Kit! πŸ‘‡πŸ» Thanks for stopping by πŸ‘‹πŸ»

My Serving Tray/Centerpiece

 Check this Serving Tray out!  Next I plan on chalking the other side for ChristmasπŸŽ„ Another picture: I love how I can use this serving tray to use this as a centerpiece and decorate for the everyday and holidays Here are the supplies used: Here is my plan for Christmas that I want to chalk on the other side. I added a supply link for the Christmas design I am planning to use above.  There are many more if you care to browse: My short video: Thanks for stopping by!

Country Church ⛪︎

  Love my Country Church, all decorated for Christmas! What do you all think?  I have a video below of the Watercolor technique I used and a list of the supplies I used from my online store My Video - Watercolor technique Thanks for stopping by! Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰ A little early I know, but it is the craft world I am in LOL So......

A Few Technique Videos πŸ“½️

I have collected a few technique videos that I thought would be helpful 😊 1. Hot Mess Technique   2. Glow In The Dark πŸ‘» The answer is:  All in the paste!⬇ 3. Denim Look πŸ‘– 4. Correcting Mistakes 5. Cleaning Chalk Surfaces 6. Chalk, Pull, Repeat! 7. Coloring Wooden Beads 8. Bleaching & Chalking πŸ’€ Hope this is helpful! Everywhere you can find me.

A few of my short videos 😊

  A few of my short videos all in one place. 😊 USA Map VACAY USA star for my Welcome Sign Family - Chalkable Tiles and Base Bird Cut-Outs Bird House Homestead Sign for my Front Door Wreath It's Fine Sign Part #2 It's Fine Sign Part #1 Notebook Changing My Letterboard Halloween Candy Jar Halloween T-Shirt I hope you enjoy these! Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰

My cup overflows with blessings - Psalm 23:5

  I have gotten back to Bible Journaling.  I am a believer, but not much of an artist, but this really works for me to read more of my bible and get so much out of it.  This one is from Psalm 23:5.

Birds 🦜 πŸ•Š️ & A Birdhouse

 My favorite kit to date!  And....It's reusable - you can wash it off and change the design and/or color. I have also added the bird cutouts.  This is a link to what I used after I painted them in an orange color of acrylic paint that I had on hand: Here are two short Videos πŸ“½️ This is my creative stress reliever time and I love it! Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰

Front Door Wreath + Welcome Sign

  Front Door Wreath - Homestead I made this wreath sign to go with my interchangeable welcome sign by my front door! Here is my very short video πŸ“½️ Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰

What a great Mantra!

This has become my new Mantra - It's fine, I'm fine, Everything is fine! I placed this sign above my desk, so every time I get frustrated I look above my desk and say 'It's fine, I'm fine, Everything is fine This has a background transfer 'Found Patterns In Nature' and the foreground transfer is just what it says It's fine I'm fine, Everything is fine! Check out my new reels - part #1 & part #2 and repeat after me. It's fine,....LOL And here is my part #1 πŸŽ₯ Part #2 πŸŽ₯ Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰