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Stampin Tips

After stamping for a few years I have come up with or heard from others a few tips I would like to share.  Stampin Up started having framelits over a year ago, I believe.  I love them, but I am a very visual person.  Out of sight out of mind.   So........

  1. I purchased a poster board and covered it with paper.  I then purchased Adhesive Magnetic Sheets from Wal Mart.  These framelits stick to this and they are on my wall in my craft room.  Love this, so handy and it looks good too!  I do keep the cases with a magnetic sheet to put these in if I need to travel with them.  Notice that I have room for a few more.  Better get shopping!   :-)

2.  Rub wax paper over card stock before you score it.  It scores so much easier and smoother.

3.  CLEAR MOUNT STAMPS - I love them but many people have trouble with them falling off their block and ruining a project.  Some say not to put the plastic picture on the stamp, but again I am a very visual person.  I need to see what I am stamping.  My solution is to take a glue pen and put small circle or dots all over the picture of your stamp.  Let it dry overnight and you will not have trouble with them falling off again.  This really works and I can still see a picture of what I am stamping.

4.  When you receive your clear mount stamps, save the backing or rubber that you punch your stamps out of.  Keep it in your case.  This way you know at a glance if a stamp from your set is missing.  It also keeps it neat and organized.

Do you have any to add to this list?  We all want to know.

See you soon, hopefully with a video.