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Say Cheese!

Love this guy!  So cute and will work for children, adults - men and women alike! 

I was working in my craft room today, all by my self.  Take a look at my room.........

I mean really!  Oh - my - Goodness! How much room does one person need?!!  I was actually running out of space, this is crazy.  But anyway I am drifting away from this blog.  Back to 'Say Cheese"

This little guy with his pearly whites is free from Fun Stampers Journey with a $50 purchase.  He is just one of several items you can pick for free.  :-)

And each one by itself:

I always forget about Designer paper.  This is a great way to use some of it up.  :-)

I used a white gel pen to brighten his pearly whites! 
and goggle eyes!

I used a curtain fold on this one.  Simple just score at 3/4", 1 3/4, 2, 2 3/4, 3, 3 3/4, and 4.  Fold like an accordian.  Deb Valder has a great tutorial on you tube.

For this fold I cut 1" down the center and folded it back to the corner.

Landscape and/or Portrait

Keep on stampin and having fun!  :-)