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Bible Journaling

My new passion!  I decided that I was really going to read the whole bible, cover to cover.  I am using a plan on YouVersion.  It is awesome.  I have a bible journal that I am reading and creating in.  It took a while for me to actually make any marks on my bible, but I believe the best bible is a read bible, so here is some of the art I have done so far.....  All done from the heart, as I am not an artist. 

This is CASE'd from Susan Gizinski.

This is done with watercolors.  I am a amateur, but loving it!  It is all about reading the bible and journal what is important to you.

This is the verse I wanted to highlight

I like to try using art, but still be able to read everything in my bible.  In the process I try to highlight what is important to me.

Till next time......     :-)