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Bold Wings and Pan Pastels

I started this card with Butter Cream card stock and stamped my beautiful butterflies ( Bold Wings #SS-0420).  Then I got my Pan Pastels out (Party Pop #JM-0081).  The color I used was Citrus Cooler, I also used the colorless blender to smooth out the transition from light to dark.  I tried to make it the darkest on the bottom and gradually got lighter.  I used a white eraser and erased the color from the butterflies.  (That's one of the things that is so great about Pan Pastels, you can erase and re-apply!)


I added gold and sparkle splatters and.....

Orange Rave card stock, as I didn't have Citrus Cooler and I thought it was pretty close.


Black card stock

Ta Da!  All done.  Which do you like?