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The Gang Is All Here

It's not often the whole family can get together.  This is exactly what happened this weekend.  It started because of the hurricane that went through the Carolinas.  Thankfully all is well and we had a great visit.  The whole week was with family.  Awesome!
Here are some pictures.

All five grandkids ages 1 to 14!  Love, love, love!

The Whole Gang!  All five of the grandkids plus their mommies and daddies. 

A very fun and awesome week!

And here we are with our babies!

Love, love, love!

3D Happiness Is Homemade

Happiness Is Homemade!  I agree with this statement 100 percent!  Not only for the recipient but for the giver too!  Nothing like giving something homemade to someone.  It says you are so worth it to me!

How cool is this?!  I love the idea that I originally saw by Angela DiBetta.  Such a cute idea and the flowers are removable.  Since our Chalk Couture board is magnetic I just attached magnets to the back of the flowers.  Now I can change them up for the season or holiday.  Say Poinsettia for Christmas or Easter Lilies for Easter.  You get the picture....  I used the transfer 'Happiness is Handmade' and the chalk Paste I used are Ocean Mist, Custard (Fawn), Garden Herb and Elephant Grey.
And here is my how to video:

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My Live - Actually I Can!

I did a live video today with the transfer 'Actually I Can'!  I used the hot mess technique.  Kinda fun really, messy like little kids with finger paints, but fun and I really like the results - Kinda like tie dye.  Take a look.  Just fast forward if it gets too long.  :-)

Thanks for stoppin by!!

Masculine Cards

Well I had a need for several Masculine cards, so I took the day to make a few.  (+ a little extra to have on hand)  Here is a picture of four to start off with....I will add as I make them.

That's a start, it is always a challenge for me to make masculine cards.  I chose some designer paper I thought were more masculine (you know, rugged, distressed....hehehe)  I used a shinny silver card stock and ran it through the big shot with a honeycomb embossing folder.  Then I embossed with silver, gold, and a light blue embossing powder.  I put a thin strip of this on the inside of my card.  Turned out really cool looking.  

And for my younger masculine cards:

Hmmmm....I wonder who these are for?  

Having fun today!  Actually having fun every day.....That is my goal!

Days Until Christmas

I know its only September and here in Florida it is still in the 90's.  What is it like by you?  Still, in the crafting world this is a great time to at least start thinking about it!  Love this time of year (Fall/Winter) in Florida & so many holidays involving family and friends.  I will be posting about all three holidays through out the season along with regular posts.  This is what I am working on today.

Cute Right?!  No stress really....only 110 days!  Lots of time.  I used our 10" White magnetic round and our 3" chalkboard chip.  They recently changed our pastes colors so I will put in parentheses the closest new color name.  Colors:  Black (Black Velvet), Emerald (Green Envy), Red (Candy Apple), Canary (Buttermilk) and Elephant Grey (Fresh Linen) Of course the transfer is:  Days Until Christmas
and my 'How To Video'

Love, love, love....Chalk Couture makes everything so fun & I love the wow factor every time you remove the transfers.

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Falling Leaves with So Thankful

Wow, I love this time of year.  It doesn't feel quite like fall yet, but it is coming!  What do you think of this picture?

Does this not say Fall!  Love it!

A little sneak peak of some Christmas ornaments too.  I used our very affordable Board & Base which you can chalk on both sides (Landscape & Profile).  Two transfers:  'Fall Leaves' & 'Together So Blessed Thankful'
Another use for the last transfer mentioned (especially the 'So Blessed') is to chalk it on the glass of your favorite picture which I have done below:

My Babies!  They are so cute aren't they?!  My daughter in-law drew this for us several years ago.  Lots of talent, right?!! Anyway how neat is this to chalk over the glass of any framed picture you want.  Love, love, love!  
And now my how to video:

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Joy To The World

Say what?!  Christmas in August?!  Well yea...hehehe.  It is almost 100 degrees here in Florida and I am working on Christmas.  I love Christmas and everything that goes with it - family, friends and most of all Jesus!  Crafting takes a little time, but sure is worth the time and effort when you get such awesome, professional results.

So what do you think?  .........Yea, fall is in the air, I love this time of year.
Here is my video:

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Nothing says you care more then a homemade gift - All the time and heart put into it.
Have a great day!

No Drama Llama

Well, this little No Drama Llama gave me some sass yesterday and today.  I had a little problem with the chalk drying on the transfer thus, coming off of the chalkboard.  Phew, she made me work for this one!  I just took my craft mat, some chalk paste & a paint brush.  I squirted some water on the paste and then painted and dabbed the chalk on the spots that pealed off.  Waited until it dried and then put the second layer on for the nose, cheek and ear with Cherry Blossom Pink chalk paste.
I'm thinking she would look cute on a pillow using our Chalk Inks.  Hmmmm.......

Now my How To Video!

Love me some drama...NOT!

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Vintage Truck With The Pumpkin Patch

Well it's time to decorate my Lazy Susan!  I painted my old wooden Lazy Susan last year with black chalk paint (a non Chalk Couture product not to be confused with paste or ink)  Fall is right around the corner so of course I brought out my Vintage Truck Transfer along with its Add-On for fall. Take a look 

Chalk Couture recently changed their chalk paste colors.  I will list the chalk paste color I used and in parentheses I will put the closest color they now have.
Chalk Paste:  Pumpkin (Pumpkin Pie), Sand (Fawn), White, Buttermilk & Honeydew

Here is my video:

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The Witch is? Catch The Replay Of My Live!

The Witch is?  In or Out?  That is the question.  LOL
A cute transfer from Chalk Couture.  I tried this live on facebook but of course a few mistakes.  Like I took this entire video on its side.  Go figure & I know better.  Oh well, hopefully you won't get a kink in your neck watching this.  :-/  It does have a lot of real tips in it, at least I think so.  Tell me what you think.

I am going to attached a cup hook for the 'In'.  The other side has the 'out'.  I used two transfers:  Halloween Fun & Witch Broom.  The chalk paste is:  White, Black, Bark, Honeydew and Purple (The new color is called Grape Soda)

And here is the replay of my live video:

The live are always a little longer then I like because, well they are live.  Just fast forward to the parts you want to see.  :-) One day I will get these lives down.  It is a lot harder then just chalking!  :-)

So I did another live today (I need the practice).  I showed how I corrected a few mistakes.  And it i…

The Snuggle Is Real

The Snuggle is Real.  Love this.  The back says 'hug me' all across it.  I used Couture Ink Eucalyptus.  Ink is so smooth and easy to work with.

My how to video:

Just in time for a very important certain someone's birthday.  :-)
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Replay Of The Whys & Hows of Chalk Couture Paste

I like to go over every once in a while to explain just what Chalk Couture is and go over its different products.  I thought live videos were the easiest way to do this.  However, I am not the best at lives so bear with me please.  I welcome all your comments and questions.  

Here is the replay:

I hope this helps!  Let me know.  If you would like a look around or join (& receive a 40% discount) and become a designer like me.  Just go to the link below my bitmoji

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Rustic Wreath House Sign

I have been thinking and working on this project for some time.  First I needed to distress this round of wood and stain it in a dark color so it would show up by the front entrance to our house.  1. I painted it white first and then applied the walnut stain with a rag & clear Minwax across the board.  2. Sanded around the edge and on different places on the board.  3.  I used both clear and dark Minwax to both protect the surface and to make it easier for the Chalk Paste application.

I used several transfers:  Rustic Wreath, Double Welcome, Life In Full Bloom and Gourmet Font.  Chalk paste colors are:  Custard, Peachy, Mint, and Brick.  I will use several coats of a protective topcoat since we live in Florida with very humid weather.

Here is my video:

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  Thanks eve…

Gone Fishing on a Pillow!

Gone Fishing on a Pillow!

I love using Chalk Couture Inks!  They go on so smooth and always achieve professional results.  So nice for a non-artist like me.  Makes me feel like an artist!  Yea Me!  No more stick figures......well not with Chalk Couture anyway.  I am making some pillows for some good friends of ours...hope they like them!  I used Chalk Couture ink colors:  Storm, Eucalyptus, Black, Red, silver, and copper.  Pillows are so fun.....I'm thinking of a snuggle pillow...hmmmm.  Keep watching.

As always my video with the how to:

Keep on Chalkin!

Bathroom Etiquette

Ok, I saw a sign once that read 'You keep peeing on the seat and I will use your toothbrush to clean it! ...Love mom'  Made me laugh, however I don't think
I would do that.  This is a lot more basic & I love it!

I just got an inexpensive frame from my local store, added white card stock and then I used black velvet paste on the Bathroom Etiquette transfer directly on the glass! This is the transfer and ink I used:

Bathroom Etiquette Silk Screen Transfer

Black Velvet Chalkology Paste

And of course my how to video:

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C R E A T E * C R E A T E * C R E A T E * & C R E A T E*
Well, you get the idea.  Fun to play with all of these awesome transfers....and that is exactly what I am doing!

As a you see my Don't Quit Your Daydream?  Just sayin, it is always on my desk!  :-)
Anyway back to my CREATE.  I love the different colors and the simplicity of this, don't you? But if I want to change it, I just wipe it off with a damp rag and start all over.  Eazy Peazy!

So, my how to video:

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Inspirational sayings...yep this falls right into this category!  Throw Kindness around like Confetti!  I used three different colors of chalk paste:   Ocean Mist, Cherry Blossom and Currant Jam.  This was all put on Chalk Couture 10" Magnetic Black Round.  This was a fast one! 

And here is my how to Video:  :-)

Happy Chalking Everyone!

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Thanks Everyone!

Have Courage & Be Kind

First of all, I love that sentiment!  That really is what I like to go by.  Something I work toward every single day.  I did another live, third one now.  I used our new surface Boutique Board & Base.

There are a lot of 'A' size transfers that will fit on these really well.  I was going to show some of these on my live, but forgot so maybe I should show you here.

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Be Your Beautiful $9.99
 Charming Witch $9.99
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Sparkle $6.99

Well Behaved Women $9.99

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And here is the replay of my live video:

Happy Chalking  :-)