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Mother, Daughter Day!

So much fun!  I went shopping with my daughter, Toni.  Then a lunch date.  I actually tried something new to eat and liked it!  (For those who know me that's a huge step, mostly American type food for this girl, but NO sea food)  What can I say, I'm too old to change?!  Any how, we came home and decided to do some chalking with Chalk Couture!  This is what I did: I used an old wooden Lazy Susan that I have had for ages and used black chalk paint on it.  Put some wax on it and let it sit for 24 hours.  Then yesterday I used several different transfer and chalk paste to decorate for Valentines day!  Woohoo!  This is sitting on my kitchen table just waiting for some flowers!  hehehehe......  When Valentine day is over I can just use a damp cloth, wipe off and put a different transfer and paste for say maybe St. Patricks, spring, Easter. We had so much fun!  Toni chalked our bigger framed magnetic chalkboard with 'I love you a bushel and peck' transfer and used se

'This will be the best year yet'

Hey guys!  You have to try this stuff!  It is AWESOME!! I used Chalk Couture's transfer 'This will be the best year yet'  and the Ombre' technique.  The chalk paste colors I used are Custard , Dreamcicle and Brick .  Below is a short video: This stuff is amazing!  The real time for this was a little over 7 minutes.  I shortened it by speeding up the video, but really only a little over 7 minutes from start to finish!  (not including clean up)  So fun and easy.....very addicting!  Love it!  Got to try it! Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy!