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Home Sweet Home

Sometimes less is more....That is what I think anyway.  Here is an example Chalk Couture is awesome!  Look how great this turned out with very little effort on my part...... Again I LOVE this stuff!  So addicting, but so fun and easy!  You don't have to be an artist.  From children to all your friends who say they don't or can't do crafts, they can ALL do this with ease!!  True Story!! A very short video showing the process with a little music. Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy......... If you would like to join my team or just take a look what is all there to play and create with go to: Any questions, just ask  :-)

Easter Bunny Egg Farm

Love how this one came out.  It took a few tries, but that's the beauty of Chalk Couture.....If you don't like the results you just wipe off with a damp cloth and redo until you like the results! Looks like they have a load ready to go....... Here is a video on how I did this: I love how this one turned out.  If you would like to purchase any products, or join us and get a 40% discount; just click on the right side of this page. Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy

Farm House

I had a lot of fun with this one yesterday.  Take a look: I started with the background on Chalk Couture Shadow box. The pig I chalked with Dreamcicle, the sheep in Custard and the big rooster in White with a little Elephant Gray and Brick.  Mustard Yellow for the chain.  I waited until it was dry and put the fence in Elephant Gray. Notice the grass on the bottom?  It's the little things  :-) Then I put it together and ............... Chalked the cow in White This picture cracks me up!  The Pig, sheep and rooster are trying to get over the fence and the cow is saying really!?  Farm Life.  Simplify

Bible Journaling Exodus 20:2-17

Ok day 276 out of 365 on my Bible reading plan, I read Exodus 20 - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS .  I decided to color with FSJ Color Burst Pencils........... I do journaling at night sometimes, it is very relaxing and peaceful.  What an interesting book, the bible.  I should of set out to read it long ago!

Coffee Time!

I am obsessed with everything Chalk Couture!  And who doesn't like a coffee station?!  Chalk Couture to the rescue.... All I have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth and start a new design!  Woot woot!  I think I will keep this one for a while  :-) A short video to show you how to make this.  Did I say this magnetic board is in our new Chalk Couture Starter Kit?  Yep, it sure is........ Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy!

A few things I have been Chalking with......

I-Cloud and I have not been agreeing lately!  I have tried three video and only one succeeded.  I-Cloud won against me twice. Ugggggg.  Actually truth be told i am sure it is me not knowing what I am doing.  So I have some pictures and only one video to show you this time.  LOL or maybe not laughing so much. Still loving Chalk Couture though, it is awesome!! My Valentine card for all of you! I used the Vintage Truck Transfer and it's Add on..... Good for holidays all year long.  So be prepared to see more posts on the Vintage Truck.  :-)  This is the February Club transfer.  We as Designers get this transfer every month and a month earlier then the public can get their hands on it.  Would you like to save 40% on everything Chalk Couture?  Yep, I said 40%!!  Just contact me, I will tell you all about it.  Come on and join my team! And the one and only video I succeeded in making is....... Drum roll please! Ta D