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Full Bloom

My favorite Club Transfer!  So far anyway:

I just think this is beautiful!  This is a two step chalk transfer, meaning first you chalk the outline (In my picture I used Mocha) then once this is dry you use the colored in flower transfer (I used Bubble Gum Pink).  Live life in full bloom is in White.  So Easy!  I know I keep saying this, but it REALLY is!  It is also very forgiving!  But, if you don't like it you just wipe it off with water and start over.  Your silk transfers can be used over and over again with proper care.

Here is another picture in my dining room:

I chalked this on our White Magnetic 9 x 12 Aiden Chalkboard.  This by the way is one of the surfaces that comes with your starter kit if you decide to join my team and become an Independent Designer. 

Here is a small video to show you the process:


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