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Full Bloom & Love Never Ends

Oh....Love, love, love! I used two transfers from Chalk Couture:  Full Bloom & Love Never Ends.  I also used three chalk colors:  Mocha, Thai Teal & Coastal.  I chalked this on my 9" x 12" Aiden Metallic Chalkboard Frame that I received with my starter kit.  So fun, I just keep changing it up with new designs. And as I like to do, a short video to watch the process: Eazy Peazy!   This is so fun guys!  Please leave me some comments.  I would love to hear what you all think about my projects.  Hopefully the videos are helpful. I do like to try and post every Monday and Thursday. Until next time...... :-)

Home Sweet Home Decorative Pillow

My first Chalk Couture Pillow!  Woohoo!  Love it!!  So fun, now i will have to do many, many more.  Here is the end result: Oh my, I just love it!  I am already trying to decide on my next pillows. - notice the plural pillow s  LOL.  This was all made with Chalk Ink:  Metallic Copper, Metallic Gold, Green, Black and a mixture of Midnight and white to give me the pretty blue.  I used three transfers:  Rustic Wreath (the itty bitty flowers came with this one), Mini Florals and Home Sweet Home.  If you want to sit back just relax and watch my short video....I'll show you how I did it.   Eazy Peazy.  Thanks for stoppin by!  Happy Chalkin!

Inking Kitchen Towels With Wicked Chickens

'Wicked Chickens lay Deviled Eggs' and 'Kitchen Closed This Heifer's had it'  How's that for Kitchen towels?  I love it and I think it would be very cute for a gift and on display in your home like it is in mine. I used Chalk Transfer 'Wicked Chickens for both of these and Black and Red Chalk Couture Ink. I have another short video showing you my process: When I got done inking these towels I did this: This time I used the 'Farm House' Transfer and Black Ink. I can use the transfer over and over again, and I have.  As long as you clean it properly it can last through many Chalkings and Inkings.  I have Inked on these towels, on Chalkboard Shadow box and glass and even on a wood box.  After all this there is plenty of sticky left to do quite a few more.  What's not to love?!! Any comments, I would love to hear from you. Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy! :-)

Distress Block for 'Home' & 'Love'

Hi guys!  Todays blog is all about a process and distressing, also of my favorite things to do! I started with some 1" board and had them cut to 6" square blocks.  I sanded, painted (white & blue), sanded again and then waxed with Minwax - Let sit for 24 hours and buffed.  I did say this was a process, right?!  Now to the fun part, WooHoo - Chalking!! On this side of course is HOME and I added some flowers.  Turn it over and.....Drum roll please I was very happy with the results!  Added some hearts and leaves and ta da!  The Framed Home Sweet Home in the background is Chalk Couture too. (I have a you tube video for that if you want to check it out)  And I chalked 'love' on my wonderful parents wedding picture! Here is my video:  Short and (I hope) Sweet Of course it didn't stop there.  I stained this board and chalked our transfer with White Chalk Paste. Just have to add some hooks and hang it

Jazzing Up My Old Apron 'Because I Said So'

What parent or teacher...or anyone really have not said the words 'Because I said so'?!  I know I have, a lot!  So I thought it was perfect for this project. When you are all done inking with the Chalk Ink use parchment paper and an Iron on medium heat or cotton for 4 minutes on both sides.  Throw it in the laundry and you are all set.  Here is a picture of the finished project. Now that jazzed up my old apron don't you think?! And of course I have created a short video to show you the process.  Thanks for stopping by......I have something coming up on Thursday using these distressed blocks I painted...Come back and check it out. Happy Chalking and Crafting!

Enjoy The Journey

And another great transfer........This is May Club Transfer 'Enjoy The Journey' and my take on it.  Since all of our boards are metallic it allows me to put this metallic hook to hang my faith sign.  The transfer is awesome and so easy to layer on top of each other.  I did a short video to show you how to......I do try to keep my videos short as I know you are all busy and can't spend too much time watching.  Hope you like it! All comments are welcome.  When you watch the video and you like it, please like and share.  You can find this in my shop May 1st. - Just push the Chalk Couture button on the right!  :-) Try it and you will find it is Eazy Peazy!

Fun, Fun, Fun....Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter Chalking and Inking!

I just love when we all get together and craft!....Well, doing just about anything really!  Such a fun day and I can't wait to do it again.  Toni and I did some inking with Chalk Couture Inks Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper, White, Green and Red.  We inked up some coffee mugs and wine glasses.  Here are some pictures: Cute yes?!!  I love this!  We took Dollar Tree Mugs and Wine Glasses and dressed them up with Chalk Couture transfers.  We used the transfers - Dog, Bee Humble and Kind and I Don't Do Mornings.  Then we did these Wine Glasses: LOL, I don't usually store my glasses in the oven, I was just heat setting them so they would become dishwasher safe.  Yippee!! While Toni and I were playing with this Sydni was painting with the Chalk Paste.  I used Boho Florals Silk Screen Transfer with white paste.  Once that was dried Sydni painted.  Here is a short video to show you how it is done.   She did an awesome job!!  and had a l

April Club Couture - Mama's Kitchen

There are so much in this awesome transfer.  Below is just a start for what can be done with Mama's Kitchen Transfer. So cute right?!!  I used the April Club Couture Transfer 'Mama's Kitchen which is available to you now.  Woohoo!! The chalk colors are:  Aquamarine, Elephant, Lilac and Black. Sit back and relax while you watch this video. I love this stuff!!  It is so fun to change my decor all over my house - whenever I want.  I can choose any color or design; then just take a wet rag wipe off and start all over- AND there is NO weeding!  Fast and easy.  Oh yea, these transfers can be used over and over again.  It's all a win, win!  Stay tuned and I will show what else I have in mind for this transfer.  Hint, hint....'Because I Said So' Be sure to come back and check it out!  :-)

Love Grows Here

  I love this stuff!  So cool, so fun, so EASY!!  Here is a short video to show you the layer technique how to: If you are interested in shopping or joining my team just go to: Below is a picture of this in my hallway. Eazy Peazy! Thanks for stopping by  :-)