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Liberty, Shadow Box and The 4th of July!

Hi everyone!  Time to showcase Chalk Couture's June Club Couture.  On the shadow box you have two different surfaces to chalk on.  The chalkboard backing and the glass front.  Both are non-porous surfaces, so be sure to fuzz (get the stickiness off with a towel, shirt or pant leg).  There are two transfers for the rays.  The longer one is on the bottom.  It is designed to go nicely around Texas and Florida.  The top one is designed to go around the outline of the US and end by the Great Lakes.  

Happy the way this turned out.  However, it is hard to take a photo because the glass acts as a I had trouble keeping the background out, including me.  :-)  The fireworks on the glass are from a retired transfer, but we have two new ones out called:  Vintage Truck Add-On (Summer) & Let Freedom Ring.

Here is my video:  Let me know what you think?  Would you like to try it?

Happy Memorial Day & Happy 4th of July!  Summer, summer!