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Live Life In Flip Flops

Let the summer transfer begin............drum roll please......!!

Today we are starting with our transfer 'Live Life In Flip Flops'....and I do!

So stinkin cute!!

This technique is so easy, just dab on your colors and swirl with your finger.  A great rainbow affect/effect*. (Never can remember the rule for this one)  The flip flops look like you could put your feet in them and walk right off the page.  The colors I used are Bubblegum Pink, Lilac, Purple, Aquamarine and Lime Green.  Remember you can use these transfers over and over again with proper care.  Just wash off with water, then a disinfectant wipe let dry sticky side up.  The glossy side of the backing goes to the sticky side once dry.  The paste dries hard and will stay on until you take a damp cloth to wipe off.  Then you are ready to do the next design.  Eazy Peazy!

And my video.......

I welcome all comments.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Chalkin!