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Sugar Cookie Recipe On My Apron

Ta, da!......

That is a huge transfer and a lot of inking!  It does come in two separate transfers, but it is still too big for me.  Here is my tip:  cut it down into whatever works for you.  Just be careful not to cut into the netting and leave a little sticky boarder to prevent bleed through of the ink.  I also did this while doing a video because I like to show you guys everything I can.  It was a little hard staying in the camera view and still being able to see what I was doing.  But, enough excuses!  Of course you can change this up into any color you want or keep it to just one color - We do have 15 colors to pick from and you can mix some colors to create a new one!

Here is my video.....

One of these days I will have to try this recipe.

Happy Chalking and Inking!

ps:  I have a lot of summer stuff coming up in the next weeks, so keep coming back and check it out.  :-)