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Grill Master for Father's Day!

I just recently received this transfer 'Grill Master' which is perfect for father's day! 

So cute right.  So much you can do with it.  I decided to put this on an apron.

I love how the big flame turned out.  I inked it in yellow and then orange around the outline and blended it in.  Love the variation of color!  To make the orange I mixed the Red Ink and the Yellow Ink.  You may have noticed (in the video) I placed the words Master Grill several times on the apron before I inked it.  This was to make it less sticky so it would not pull off the color I already inked.  My Hubby is the King of our grill and he has a birthday coming soon.  hmmmm....😉🙋

My video....

Time to party!  Happy Chalkin!

OK Guys!  I had a home party last night and everything was going great, and then I went to help someone with their creation (Canvass Apron) and I smudge their Navy Ink - OH NO!  What did I do?!  So they left it with me to try and fix.  We tried Club Soda and it helped some, but it was a dark blue on a gold canvas you could see it.  It was on the words Grillin.  So today I took the big flame and inked yellow with orange around the smudged ink to try and hide it.  And I am so happy to report it turned out great.  This is what I call a happy mistake!  I liked it so much I did it on my apron for my hubby who has a birthday this Tuesday!  Here is a picture of his apron:

Here is to all your mistakes turn into happy mistakes!