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C R E A T E *  C R E A T E  *  C R E A T E  *  &    C R E A T E* Well, you get the idea.  Fun to play with all of these awesome transfers....and that is exactly what I am doing! As a you see my Don't Quit Your Daydream?  Just sayin, it is always on my desk!  :-) Anyway back to my CREATE.  I love the different colors and the simplicity of this, don't you? But if I want to change it, I just wipe it off with a damp rag and start all over.  Eazy Peazy! So, my how to video: If you would like to join, shop, or just window shop my link is below my bitmoji.  Thanks for coming by!


Inspirational sayings...yep this falls right into this category!  Throw Kindness around like Confetti!  I used three different colors of chalk paste:   Ocean Mist, Cherry Blossom and Currant Jam.  This was all put on Chalk Couture 10" Magnetic Black Round.  This was a fast one!  And here is my how to Video:  :-) Happy Chalking Everyone! Check out my website below my bitmoji Thanks Everyone!

Have Courage & Be Kind

First of all, I love that sentiment!  That really is what I like to go by.  Something I work toward every single day.  I did another live, third one now.  I used our new surface Boutique Board & Base. There are a lot of 'A' size transfers that will fit on these really well.  I was going to show some of these on my live, but forgot so maybe I should show you here.  Your Life Your Story $9.99 Have Courage $9.99 Be Your Beautiful $9.99  Charming Witch $9.99 Dream Create Inspire $6.99 Sparkle $6.99 Well Behaved Women $9.99 Wild & Free $6.99 And a lot more!  Click on my shop below: Click to shop: And here is the replay of my live video: Happy Chalking  :-)

Daydream and Sunflowers

Daydream and Sunflowers, now that's a great combination!  Below is a picture of my Sunflowers, which did not make it to a video only because there was way too many layers and drying time.  Not hard, just took some time. Actually, I had a lot of fun with this, it just took awhile.  But then I am a happy & s - l - o - w crafter.  LOL.  I just enjoy it and take my time.  The transfer I used is 'You Are My Sunshine'  This was put on our new Greyson 18 1/2 by 24 1/2.  The flowers have two layers.  I only used the entire second layer flower transfer on two of them.  The rest I used the basic flower transfer, waited until it dried and then chalked the middle only of the layered flower transfer.  I hope that made sense.  Below I have a picture of the transfer, which will help you get the idea. I used several different chalks in yellow and Orange shades.  I used:  Honeydew (for the stem), Brick, Canary, Pumpkin, Lemon and Coral.  I blended many of them with at le

Chalk Couture Haul - Live Replay

Want to know what Chalk Couture is all about?  Below is the replay of my live video going over what I received on my last order.  Hope it helps.  It is live and I did some silly mistakes, but hopefully it helps to show you all about Chalk Couture.  Fast forward if it is too long in parts.  Thanks for watching Here is a quick video on all the new stuff arriving tomorrow July 16th Now I get to play with all of this stuff!  Happy fun day!

Bible Journaling - Mark 16 : 6

I have been neglecting this page  :-(  I must do something about that!  I got this idea from Pinterest, but I don't have a name to give credit to.  So if you recognize it please let me know so I can give you credit. The cross really caught my interest.  I love how it was made.  So this is my version of the one I spotted on Pinterest.  Of course when I Bible Journal I love the art but it also gets me reading the pages of the bible over and over again.  It really is an awesome book!

Welcome Come In And Stay Awhile

I had forgotten how awesome the white is on a black chalkboard!  It really pops! I love this & it will probably go in my entry way to welcome all who come in!  I refinished the frame with white chalk paint that I got at Walmart with a touch of black here and there.  Then I went to Home Depot to purchase their sheet of chalkboard 2' x 4' and have it cut to my measurements.  Of Course, Chalk Couture to decorate with two transfers, Double Welcome & Lets Stay Home.  The pastes I used are White, Canary, Periwinkle and Coastal $14.99 $24.99 $29.99 $24.99 3 oz. $12.99 3 oz. $12.99 3 oz. $12.99 3 oz. $12.99 And if you think the prices are a little high, join my team and get 40% off everything.  Remember the transfers are re-usable and all the chalk paste are 3 oz. and go a long way.  The starter kit includes 5 jars of paste, two surfaces to work on and 8 transfers.        Just saying..... And my

My First Live Video: Be Brilliant

Well I finally got brave enough to attempt a live video on my FB pages: 1. It was sideways...oh dear I will have to figure that out so you don't get a kink in your neck.  I did save it and shared it to you tube through my video app and managed to turn it right side up, but not on FB 2.  Couldn't figure out - yet - how to see people's comments (if there are any) but I will figure that out. So Here is my video - LIVE Happy Chalkin!

Love Grows Here and Showcased On Our Wall

So Terry and I did this project Sunday afternoon.  It turned out so awesome, I am over the moon about this!  You know how some projects just click and give you a WOW factor?  Well this one did for me!  I even have room for a second shelf, which I will probably do simply because I took up the entire two shelves with my kids, grandkids and moms and dads.  The third level I could extend the family to siblings....I have two and Terry has two.  So that is definitely in the future.  Awesome Sauce!  Notice the Chalk Couture on top of all of it with 'Love Grows Here' I did a quick video for you all to see. Individual?  Really?  How many times have I said this?  LOL  I meant Independent Designer for Chalk Couture.....Oh well, life goes on. Thank you Terry for putting this up for me, there is no way I could do this by myself.  We got the shelves at Ikea.  Check out the Chalk Couture design on the top 'Love Grows Here'  This stuff is changing