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Have Courage & Be Kind

First of all, I love that sentiment!  That really is what I like to go by.  Something I work toward every single day.  I did another live, third one now.  I used our new surface Boutique Board & Base.

There are a lot of 'A' size transfers that will fit on these really well.  I was going to show some of these on my live, but forgot so maybe I should show you here.

 Your Life Your Story $9.99
Have Courage $9.99

Be Your Beautiful $9.99
 Charming Witch $9.99
Dream Create Inspire $6.99

Sparkle $6.99

Well Behaved Women $9.99

Wild & Free $6.99

And a lot more!  Click on my shop below:

And here is the replay of my live video:

Happy Chalking  :-)