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Love Grows Here and Showcased On Our Wall

So Terry and I did this project Sunday afternoon.  It turned out so awesome, I am over the moon about this!  You know how some projects just click and give you a WOW factor?  Well this one did for me!  I even have room for a second shelf, which I will probably do simply because I took up the entire two shelves with my kids, grandkids and moms and dads.  The third level I could extend the family to siblings....I have two and Terry has two.  So that is definitely in the future. 

Awesome Sauce!  Notice the Chalk Couture on top of all of it with 'Love Grows Here'

I did a quick video for you all to see.

Individual?  Really?  How many times have I said this?  LOL  I meant Independent Designer for Chalk Couture.....Oh well, life goes on.
Thank you Terry for putting this up for me, there is no way I could do this by myself.  We got the shelves at Ikea.  Check out the Chalk Couture design on the top 'Love Grows Here'  This stuff is changing my life and my HOME!  Woohoo!