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Rustic Wreath House Sign

I have been thinking and working on this project for some time.  First I needed to distress this round of wood and stain it in a dark color so it would show up by the front entrance to our house.  1. I painted it white first and then applied the walnut stain with a rag & clear Minwax across the board.  2. Sanded around the edge and on different places on the board.  3.  I used both clear and dark Minwax to both protect the surface and to make it easier for the Chalk Paste application.

I used several transfers:  Rustic Wreath, Double Welcome, Life In Full Bloom and Gourmet Font.  Chalk paste colors are:  Custard, Peachy, Mint, and Brick.  I will use several coats of a protective topcoat since we live in Florida with very humid weather.

Here is my video:

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