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The Witch is? Catch The Replay Of My Live!

The Witch is?  In or Out?  That is the question.  LOL

A cute transfer from Chalk Couture.  I tried this live on facebook but of course a few mistakes.  Like I took this entire video on its side.  Go figure & I know better.  Oh well, hopefully you won't get a kink in your neck watching this.  :-/  It does have a lot of real tips in it, at least I think so.  Tell me what you think.

I am going to attached a cup hook for the 'In'.  The other side has the 'out'.  I used two transfers:  Halloween Fun & Witch Broom.  The chalk paste is:  White, Black, Bark, Honeydew and Purple (The new color is called Grape Soda)

And here is the replay of my live video:

The live are always a little longer then I like because, well they are live.  Just fast forward to the parts you want to see.  :-)
One day I will get these lives down.  It is a lot harder then just chalking!  :-)

So I did another live today (I need the practice).  I showed how I corrected a few mistakes.  And it is right side up!  Yea

Here you go:

A few pictures of the re-done version of the Witch is?

Do you see the honeydew green shadow?

Ta Da!!