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How Many Times Can You Use One Transfer? Starring 'Beary Christmas' & 'Houndstooth'

Well quite a few!  I used Beary Christmas on four places and the houndstooth on a couple so far.....It can go much farther than that.  As far as your creative mind can take you and on many different surfaces!  Here is a picture of a few.

Love this little lady, isn't she cute?!  I used a combination of inks and paste.  So fun!  I think I will add some jingle bells to my polar bears with either a red or green bow.  ❤️🔔✝︎✯
I used Gold Shimmer Ink, Silver Shimmer Ink, Fresh Linen Paste.  The two transfers I used are 'Beary Christmas' & 'Houndstooth'. is my how to video (replay of my live)

This was fun and admittedly getting easier to do....lives that is.  :-)
I decided to do another video with this cute bear, this time on canvas!  Here is my video

I love this little guy, plus the ability to use this transfer over and over again!  I used this on two sides of a pillow case, T-shirt, 4 MDF cut outs and now canvas and it is still very sticky and ready to go again.

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Thanks for watchin!

One more picture after I put some bells on  :-)