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Loads Of Luck!

This vintage truck is spreading luck everywhere it goes.  That's how I see it anyway.  I've been changing my decor in my house for the coming holidays.  Here is my latest project on my Lazy Susan: I love my Vintage Truck!  I have been keeping it on my Lazy Susan and just changing everything else.  After this one it looks like I will have to put another coat of Chalk Paint on it.  Not to be confused with paste or ink.  This is not Chalk Couture surface or chalkboard, so occasionally I give it a new coat of paint.  Watch my video below to catch a couple of techniques and mixing chalk colors to get a new color.  Eazy Peazy!   Here is my how to video: If you like this video and would like to browse, shop, join or subscribe (we now have a monthly subscription - Woo Hoo!!!!) just click the links below my bitmoji Another picture of what I have been up to

Getting Ready For Spring & The Upcoming Holidays!

Ready to change up my home decor with Chalk Couture.  Wipe off my boards and chalk it again for the upcoming holidays.  This time I am changing up my 'Home' board for Easter & spring.  Take a look: Isn't he cute?!  Love this little guy.  I keep using and reusing this transfer.  This only took me about 30 minutes real time to complete.  I just had to remove the hearts and re-chalk the bunny and flower.  I used:  Paste - Fawn, Marigold and Cherry Blossom And here is my how to video: If you would like this transfer below, you better hurry, it's under last call.  When it's gone, it gone And don't forget a squeegee, our tool to apply all this wonderful paste (and ink)! So now if you would like to browse some more, shop, join or subscribe, (we now have a monthly subscription!  Woo hoo!) j

More Vintage Transfers! 'Vintage Tractor' and 'Life On The Farm'

If you like Farmhouse Decor, you are in for a treat!  We have a new vintage vehicle in town, it's 'Vintage Tractor' and guess what?!  All the add-ons for Vintage Truck fit on the back of the Vintage Tractor.  I'm lovin it.  Here is a picture of what I am talking about. So awesome right?!!  Now I have to chalk up these two new ones and cut it out on my scroll saw to go with my truck! And, you know I have a video right? Here ya go: This is one of my favorites by far....... These transfers are all about layering.  Here are my tips. Fuzz, fuzz & fuzz your transfer some more.  When you think you have done it enough do it again.  (this is just putting your sticky transfer on you t-shirt or towel.  It just gets some of the stickiness off of your transfer especially if it is new.  Take a natural color wax (I use Minwax) with a rag (I use my husband's old t-shirts and cut it up) and dab it onto the top of the first layer of

New Catalog!!

Just sayin......... Links below my bitmoji  :-)