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Loads Of Luck!

This vintage truck is spreading luck everywhere it goes.  That's how I see it anyway.  I've been changing my decor in my house for the coming holidays.  Here is my latest project on my Lazy Susan:

I love my Vintage Truck!  I have been keeping it on my Lazy Susan and just changing everything else.  After this one it looks like I will have to put another coat of Chalk Paint on it.  Not to be confused with paste or ink.  This is not Chalk Couture surface or chalkboard, so occasionally I give it a new coat of paint.  Watch my video below to catch a couple of techniques and mixing chalk colors to get a new color.  Eazy Peazy!  

Here is my how to video:

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Another picture of what I have been up to lately.....

Until next time....Just having fun with chalk & ink!