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More Vintage Transfers! 'Vintage Tractor' and 'Life On The Farm'

If you like Farmhouse Decor, you are in for a treat!  We have a new vintage vehicle in town, it's 'Vintage Tractor' and guess what?!  All the add-ons for Vintage Truck fit on the back of the Vintage Tractor.  I'm lovin it.  Here is a picture of what I am talking about.

So awesome right?!!  Now I have to chalk up these two new ones and cut it out on my scroll saw to go with my truck!

And, you know I have a video right?
Here ya go:

This is one of my favorites by far.......
These transfers are all about layering.  Here are my tips.
  1. Fuzz, fuzz & fuzz your transfer some more.  When you think you have done it enough do it again.  (this is just putting your sticky transfer on you t-shirt or towel.  It just gets some of the stickiness off of your transfer especially if it is new.
  2.  Take a natural color wax (I use Minwax) with a rag (I use my husband's old t-shirts and cut it up) and dab it onto the top of the first layer of chalk.  Then take a buffing pad and buff lightly.  Your second layer will go on like a dream.
Chalk Couture made these transfer so easy for us.  They put little registration marks on the transfers, so you just line them up and bingo they all line up.  I would suggest you use white chalk paste, it just makes it easier to see through your transfer. 😍🤓

I have the new catalog to the right of my page.  Have a look.  Let me know if you would like to see me make something from it.  

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