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Dust Bunny

Ok, I broke my schedule with this little project.  It was so cute I just wanted you all to see it!  😉😍 Was I right?  Cuteness!! Here is my quick how to video: If you would like to check out the 'Last Chance' on my website to purchase the 'Build A Bunny' or you just want to browse just click on the links below my bitmoji 🙋🏻‍♀️

Its All About Procraftinating!!

Yep, that's me a proCRAFTinator!  Love it, I think Chalk Couture made this transfer just for me.....hehe Here we go with chalk on a wood surface. And..... Ink on fabric. This stuff is so versatile and on almost any surface!  What's not to like?!  The colors I used are:  Storm, Candy Apple Red, Kiwi, Couture Teal & Black Velvet. Take a look at these how to videos: And Check out some more great stuff, just click the links below my bitmoji.

Chalk Couture & Monthly Subscriptions!

Hey guys, Chalk Couture started Monthly Subscriptions in February of this year 2019.  Woo Hoo!!  This is exciting news.  You will received a B size transfer (8 1/2 x 11) and 3 singles paste colors every month.  This 1s $19.99 + tax/month & free shipping.  You are obligated for three months once you sign up and that is it.  Awesome way to find out if this great craft is for you.  Here are a couple of pictures of the past 2 months subscriptions. March 2019 - Available when you first sign up for the subscriptions as long as supplies last. February 2019 - Available when you first sign up for the subscriptions as long as supplies last. You sign up one month and you pay and receive your subscription the following month.  It is a surprise each and every month.  It is also exclusive to subscribers and designers.  (Designers only get the transfer)  You will not see this on my website, but you will see on the top a 'Club Couture' button. So a how to

Don't Grow Up It's A Trap!

Well that speaks my language.  Why act like a grown up when acting like a kid is so much more fun.  Who doesn't like the big laugh from a kid?!  It makes the whole room smile.  Well I love this transfer, and since our transfers are reusable, I used it far.  One with Chalk Couture Paste & one with Chalk Couture Ink.  Both of them I used Bright White & Shimmer Gold on Black. Here is a picture: One transfer, two designs & far! First the paste: And the how to video: Now for the Ink: Love this, and I will be wearing this one! My how to video: I guess the best thing I can say about this is live life like a kid and enjoy E V E R Y moment! If you would like to check out my website just click the link below my bitmoji Thanks for stoppin by....see you next time!