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Homespun Flag + June Club Couture!

This one.....Or

This one!

I had a hard time with this one, as far as taking a picture.  It was hard to get it to show up on a picture like it is in person!  I love this one.  I did put glitter on the fireworks, but it does not pick up in the picture.

To begin with, I played around with the surface.  I took a piece of chalkboard that I got at Home Depot, painted it with Plaster color chalk paint.  When it was dry I sanded all around the edges and corners to distress it.  Some of the transfer did pick up some of the Plaster paint, but I didn't care it just played with the distressed look.  The transfers I used are:  'Homespun Flag', 'Beach Day' & June Club Couture 'Pin Wheels'.  I had fun playing with this yesterday afternoon.

I love our new monthly Club Couture.  It is a monthly subscription which is only $19.99 + tax and FREE Shipping/a month.  Woop, woop!  A fun surprise every month.  What you get each and every month is a 'B' size transfer (8…

Chalk Ink meets my Koozies

Such a fun, fast & easy project!  You just can't beat that!  Right?!

Really guys, this was fast and fun.  I only used two colors of ink, your basic Bright White and Black Velvet.  They just popped on these bright Koozies.  (not sure if I spelled it correctly, I have seen it with a 'C' and a 'K'.  But you get the idea.)  For this project I used Beach Day, but there are several transfers you could use, any actually that fit on the Koozie.  :-)  Now all I have to do is heat set them.  You can do this with parchment paper and either an iron (4 minutes, no steam) or heat press (300 for 30 seconds)  Keep moving either the iron or heat press around because this is going on a foam type of material.  

And here is my quick how to:

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My Yard Flag and Vintage Seeds!

I love Vintage Farmhouse style!  This time I am moving outdoors.  But first, I am chalking with paste with the Vintage Seeds transfer.  Here it is:

Pretty awesome, right?!

and outside with my ink  (I also used my vintage seeds in the picture below)

It took me awhile to figure out how exactly I was going to used my vintage seeds, but I'm really happy with this!  What do you think?  I heat set this with parchment paper and my heat press (you can also use your iron) The vintage seeds my hubby sprayed a couple layers of Rust-Oleum Chalked protective topcoat Matt Clear.

Come and watch me play with this awesome medium!  I have a couple of videos for you

Vintage Seeds

and, Yard Flag

If you have time, here is a very quick video (less then 60 seconds) on This Is Us

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