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Etching On Glass

Yep etching on glass & nope, it won't hurt the transfer!  You may want to wear gloves, as it can be hard on your skin.  If it does land on your skin, as it did mine (go figure) just wash it off right away.

This is what I did:

Pretty cool right?!  And a few more.....

All of these I used my transfer 'Beach Day' from Chalk Couture.
Best thing about these is that it will not wash off.  It is permanent and top rack of your dishwasher safe.

Here is a picture of the transfer:

12 different designs!  I have also used these on Koozies, which you can see on my earlier posts.

The one thing I neglected to mention on my video is to be sure and fuzz your transfer before putting it on the glass.  Glass is a non porous surface & this transfer will really stick if you don't fuzz (sticky side of transfer on t-shirt or towel to take some of the stickiness off).  :-)

Now for my how to video:

So what do you all think?  Do you want to try it?  If you do or you just want to browse, subscribe to our monthly subscription, join or shop just click on the link below my bitmoji.  We have some new transfers, tools, & surfaces as of 7/2/19.  Exciting!  Best catalog ever!!

Happy Chalkin!