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My Farmhouse Sign! 🐄 🐑 🐖 🐓

My Farmhouse Sign:

Love it!  Another fast and easy one!  Everyone can get these results because of the netting in the silkscreen transfer.  Happy Dance 💃🏻🎶
The colors I used were Black Velvet, Current Jam, Bark & Honeydew.

Here is the transfer I used to make this awesome sign:

Notice the wreath that takes the place of the O in HOUSE has three layers in it.  I only used two of them, so next time I use this transfer I will use the leaves. Reusable Transfer
You can make it all one word or break it down to two: FARM HOUSE -or- FARMHOUSE
Always fun to play!  Here is my how to Video

Correction:  In the video I noted that the chalk paste on the second layer of the wreath is Almond, but it is actually Honeydew.  That is one of things that is so fun about all of this, you can completely custom make everything!

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Flying Lessons Anyone?!

It is so hot here so I am trying to imagine cooler weather!  Actually not too far away.  So cooler weather means fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Get my train of thought?  LOL😉🤣
I love this transfer!  You could use all white and make this quick and easy.  I chose to use three colors:  Bright White, Daffodil, and Papaya.  Since chalk paste dries fairly fast I did it in steps:  cleaned and air dried in between each color.

My how to video:

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A Sign For My Coffee Corner!

Love it!  Fast and easy!  Hey guys, anyone can do this.  The transfer (reusable transfer) does all the work for you.  All you have to do is chalk it.  Easy Peasy! 

I enlarged this picture so you can see the distressing in the silk screen transfer.  I cannot imagine weeding this in vinyl!  See all the white dots and splotches in the lettering?  See, distress all done for you.  Yea!  Happy Dance 💃🏻🎶

Oh, and look another transfer design:  Baked Fresh daily!  You can get this here:

My How to Video:

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Memories of my 'Vintage Bug'!

I love my very first car!  I just replicated it....from my minds eyes from way back when....

Cutest car ever!  (I may have been a little biased)  This car just fit me so well, so as soon as I got a chance I tried to replicate it.  Chalk Couture helped me.  Here are the steps.

First they gave a new transfer 'Vintage Bug'

So, of course I bought it and chalked it.  Then I took it out to my scroll saw and cut it out.

Now, I chalked flowers all over (my inner flower child I guess) so it would look like my car from the early 70's.  Why you ask, because I could!  LOL  Then I used contact paper, now I used Chalk Couture!

My how to video:

LOVE, Love, love ❤️

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No Hurries No Worries

Ok, so I have been wanting to chalk & play with this since I received it.  This little guy is so cute!

So what do you think?!  I love the words too.  Since I have retired from my 9 to 5 job this has become my motto.   This transfer has some small layers, but it does have registration marks to make it easier to line up.  
I had a class & here are two ladies with their finished product.  (They both picked this guy to chalk)

My daughter and our good friend!

Here is my how to video

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You will find this little guy here: