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Memories of my 'Vintage Bug'!

I love my very first car!  I just replicated it....from my minds eyes from way back when....

Cutest car ever!  (I may have been a little biased)  This car just fit me so well, so as soon as I got a chance I tried to replicate it.  Chalk Couture helped me.  Here are the steps.

First they gave a new transfer 'Vintage Bug'

So, of course I bought it and chalked it.  Then I took it out to my scroll saw and cut it out.

Now, I chalked flowers all over (my inner flower child I guess) so it would look like my car from the early 70's.  Why you ask, because I could!  LOL  Then I used contact paper, now I used Chalk Couture!

My how to video:

LOVE, Love, love ❤️

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