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Filling Up My Two Tier Tray 🐎 🤠 🐄 💕

Filling up my 2 tier tray with my wood signs I made, candles I decorated and coffee cups I inked!
Phew, that's a lot of work.  NO IT"S NOT‼️  It's a lot of fun and the time just flew by 💓

So, what do you think?  I inked and chalked extras, thinking of selling them at one of our local vendor fairs.  I think the tray makes a good display.  

I used the transfer 'Locally Grown'

And Black Velvet Ink
Use ink anytime you can heat set - by iron, heat press or oven.  So that basically would be fabric (pillow cases, banners etc) and ceramic.  I would still say the coffee cups are hand wash only, as it is not baked in a kiln. 

As always my how to video:

If you would like to look a little more, just click the link below my bitmoji: