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Easter ✞

Getting ready for Easter❣️
I used transfers 'Celtic Cross'. Walk by Faith & 'Cottontail Farm'
The colors I used are Bark, Greige, Bright White, Meadow, Peony & Daffodil.
Technique:  Water Color & Layers

This is a great way to occupy your time inside.  Makes everything cheerful and productive 😊

With Layering, make sure your first layer is dry before you add your second layer.  And fuzz, fuzz, fuzz with a towel or shirt just so you can remove some of the sticky to not pull up the chalk on the first layer.

Watercolor - just choose what colors you want, take a small scoop and put on a tray.  Add some water and mix.  Apply light watered down layers with a brush.  When dry you can add another layer to the parts you want to make darker.  You do not have to color in every space πŸ˜‰

My how to video:

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Stay Healthy everyone❣️