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EEK! πŸ•ΈπŸ•·


Having fun with easy DIY projects!

This was so fun!  I used a wet wipe to spread the orange paint (not to be confused with our paste).  I wanted the wood graining to show through.  After this dried I simply chalked my transfer with our new Shimmer Shadow.  (It really glimmers without the glitter mess - win, win!)  I added a bow and I am done!  Fast and easy, that's my kind of project.  I love the gratification when I am all done❣️  Maybe I'll look for a little plastic spider πŸ•· to glue onto my bow πŸ˜‰  What do you all think⁉️

Here are the supplies I used:  πŸ•Έ 

Transfer - Halloween Phrases

Shimmer Shadow Chalk Paste

My how to video...πŸ“Ή

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  1. Superb DIY artwork! Your video gives a clear glimpse of the entire project. I am a fan of DIY projects. I wanted to source shimmer Chalk paste. Thanks for sharing the link. I regularly subscribe to blogs on Painting and Handicrafts . These blogs helped me to come up with some innovative DIY handicrafts.

    1. Wow, I have to get better at replying! Again sorry and thank you. Here is a link to the shimmer pastes in case you are still looking for them.


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