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A Few Projects πŸ’• πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


We have a new Welcome Sign❣️  I have the one on the left on my front porch, but I think I will turn it over and chalk the one on the right on the back!  Double sided, a win win‼️

A few of our add-ons.  Aren't they so stinkin cute⁉️

Here is the link for the supplies that I used:;Quantity:1;Sku:D2111110;Quantity:1;Sku:D2111106;Quantity:1;Sku:P181121;Quantity:1;Sku:P181122;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:E201101;Quantity:1;

Now I got busy with some patriotic projects πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Wow! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ This was fun  I used all chalk paste here.  Some paint sticks for the '4', I used our Vintage Truck Cut Out and Stand, our Star Cut Outs and our 5 x 7 Double Sided Box Frame!  I'm thinking of making some red white and blue beads and maybe some banners⁉️

A few more pictures πŸ˜‰

My Tiered Tray- can you see the shimmer⁉️


My Wooden Toolbox Centerpiece.  Look at those stuffies, aren't they cute⁉️  Still think I need a class in glue guns......πŸ€ͺ but that's off topic.  LOL  Just saying πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️

Here are the supplies I used:;Quantity:1;Sku:E2122104;Quantity:1;Sku:S2122106;Quantity:1;Sku:S203105;Quantity:1;Sku:S2111102;Quantity:1;Sku:S2111103;Quantity:1;Sku:P2111101;Quantity:1;Sku:P203132;Quantity:1;Sku:P203133;Quantity:1;Sku:P181121;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;

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