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My new craft space.

My Tiered Tray for Fall 🍁

  Love, love, love ❣️ So fun to create ❗️ Ok wow ❗️ How fun, seriously ‼️ Please watch my very fast video.  It did actually take longer than 30 seconds, but so enjoyable to create. If you would like to recreate this here are the supplies that I used:;Quantity:1;Sku:B2231380;Quantity:1;Sku:PS223106;Quantity:1;Sku:S2231123;Quantity:1;Sku:S2231122;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1; Remember you can always add or subtract anything to this cart 😊 We also have a tray if you don't already have one.;Quantity:1; Now for my 30 second Reel 🎞 Everywhere you can find me πŸ˜‰

Chalking With Wood Cut Outs

All pictures today.  Love the 3D effect that these wood cut outs create!   All of these were created using one transfer 'Shell Yeah!';Quantity:1; Everywhere you can find me 😊⤵

July Club - Sweet Berry' πŸ“ +

  So sweet ❣️   This one I used chalk paste on our Aiden surface, & our round simple shapes.  Look below for the link to the supplies ⤵;Quantity:1;Sku:T2131104;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:P181112;Quantity:1;Sku:P193107;Quantity:1;Sku:S2111104;Quantity:1;Sku:S193101;Quantity:1; Club Couture ⤵ But wait....There is more ‼️ Ink on a kitchen towel ✒️   Look for a supply list below ⤵;Quantity:1;Sku:I181111;Quantity:1;Sku:I181101;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1;Sku:S181104;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1; I have been busy chalking!  Here are pictures of some more of my projects ❣️ Chalk Paste 'Whispered the heart Ink - 'Handpicked by God' ❤️ Check out our new Look Book  ↪ has all our new products and it'

I Read πŸ“– & Welcome Star ✰ Tile

  I am the reader in my family, but I read purely for pleasure!  I have often said that if I learn something along the way, well that's a bonus!  Link to transfer: My second project I used the Welcome Star Tile transfer on a made surface that my husband made.  I wanted to place this by my kitchen sink. Here is my how to video 🎬 If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (Monthly subscription, Club Couture) or join please click the link below πŸ‘‡πŸ» All the places you can find me πŸ˜‰

Graduation Week! πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸŽ“ πŸŽ“

A few pictures of graduation at our home πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸŽ“ The cake was made with the transfer Birthday Cake.  I love this as it is very versatile.  Here is a picture of the transfer:  Now in a few days I can change it up for a Birthday Cake, then 4th of July get the idea! The Celebrate Canvas is my attempt at multi media.  Layer, layer, & more layers.  I must learn more about when to stop. A lesson in progress.  I used the Birthday Cake transfer & Etched Butterflies πŸ‘‡πŸ»;Quantity:1;    For the banner:   I used these transfers: Woven Strip Pattern and You Did it! transfers.  Also the small banners. πŸ‘‡πŸ» Here is a short picture tutorial First I inked the grad hat on each banner Second I used the woven stripe transfer, masked off the hat and inked the color I wanted. All the places you can find me πŸ‘‡πŸ»

No SolicitingπŸ‘πŸ»

 'No Soliciting' Yes!We have a transfer for that‼️  Who wants to make their own sign⁉️ This is hanging by our front door on our house right now. A fast and easy project.  Below are a list of supplies:;Quantity:1;Sku:PS183107;Quantity:1;Sku:T2211107;Quantity:1;Sku:T203112;Quantity:1; My how to video:   πŸ‘€ 🎬 If you would like to browse, subscribe (Monthly subscription - Club Couture), shop or join please click the link below πŸ‘‡πŸ» my bitmoji Everywhere you can find me!

Lilac Beauty

Wow!  I mean really nice right⁉️ My husband cut out the board for me to look like Shiplap & I painted and sanded to get the older wood look.  I then waxed it to get ready to chalk! In the video below, I mentioned that I painted the berries blue🀦🏼‍♀️  LOL  Really they are part of the Lilac flower! So Now the video 🎬 Everywhere you can find me below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Etched Butterflies πŸ¦‹

 Love these ❣️πŸ¦‹   I chalked the butterflies on Velum.  They naturally curl when liquid (paste) is applied & then you can form it into the way you want!  Looks like they are ready to fly! Here is a list of some of the supplies I used:;Quantity:1;Sku:P203123;Quantity:1;Sku:P181122;Quantity:1;Sku:P181121;Quantity:1;Sku:T2211107;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1; This was so fun to create!  First I painted the background with acrylic paint. I then waxed the surface with our clear wax: The prepping is done now on to the chalking!   Replay of my live 🎬 If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (monthly subscription ' Club Couture ' or join please click the link below πŸ‘‡πŸ» my bitmoji Everywhere you can find me

Kitchen Collection - Gather Together

   Both of these signs are from the Kitchen Collection. 'Time To Eat' & 'Gather Together' Here is a link to all the supplies I used: Time To Eat;Quantity:1;Sku:S2211121;Quantity:1;Sku:P221102;Quantity:1;Sku:P181122;Quantity:1;Sku:P181112;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1; Gather Together;Quantity:1;Sku:P181121;Quantity:1;Sku:P191105;Quantity:1;Sku:P191103;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1; I had so much fun making these!  Here is the video for Gather Together  🎬 If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (Club Couture) or join please click the link below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Farm Words πŸ‘©‍🌾

  March 2022 Club Couture - Monthly Subscription Here is my quick video 🎬 If you would like to subscribe (Monthly subscription-Club Couture), browse, shop or join just click the link below ⬇️ Everywhere you can find me

Bunnies πŸ‡ Everywhere!

  Front Back sides  Love these little Wooden Bunnies!  Made out of 2 x 4s from our scrap pile!  One of my favorites.  Some of the transfers are retired (I can keep using them over and over!)  Below ⬇️ is a list of available supplies:;Quantity:1;Sku:A2131146;Quantity:1;Sku:P221104;Quantity:1;Sku:P193115;Quantity:1;Sku:T2211107;Quantity:1; Here is my live video 🎬 If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (Club Couture, a monthly subscription) or join please click the link below my bitmoji 😊🌻 Everywhere you can find me:

Time For Football! 🏈

  Tampa Bay is in the running for a second Super Bowl! 🏈  This is huge since our history has not been that great, with the exception of Tony Dungy's time of being the coach.  We have a transfer called 'Flannels & Football' that is so fun and perfect for our  football season.  I did this in Buccaneer colors of red and pewter (which I used storm).  But, you don't have to use these colors, you can make it for a collage or a high school or any color you want!  Just have fun with it 😊 Here is my how to πŸ“½ If you would like to browse, shop, join or subscribe to our monthly subscription, please click the links below πŸ‘‡πŸ» my bitmoji