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Graduation Week! 👩🏻‍🎓 🎓

A few pictures of graduation at our home 👩🏻‍🎓

The cake was made with the transfer Birthday Cake.  I love this as it is very versatile.  Here is a picture of the transfer:

 Now in a few days I can change it up for a Birthday Cake, then 4th of July get the idea!

The Celebrate Canvas is my attempt at multi media.  Layer, layer, & more layers.  I must learn more about when to stop. A lesson in progress.

 I used the Birthday Cake transfer & Etched Butterflies 👇🏻;Quantity:1;  

For the banner:  

I used these transfers:

Woven Strip Pattern and You Did it! transfers.  Also the small banners.


Here is a short picture tutorial

First I inked the grad hat on each banner

Second I used the woven stripe transfer, masked off the hat and inked the color I wanted.

All the places you can find me 👇🏻