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  Time to start making ornaments.  I used wood rounds & drilled holes on top for hanging with twine.  I used our chalk paste and painted with a brush.  Putting a little water on the brush will help blends the colors.  Just keep painting until you get the background color you like.  I used Black Velvet Chalk Paste to squeegee on the transfer "Hurry down the chimney tonight'. My short video/Reel 📽️ Thanks for stopping my 😊 Everywhere you can find me 😉

My Nativity Set

Love❣️ Everything in this kit (Stable & figurines) come in white.  I painted the figurines with chalk paste (Shimmer Gold) comes with kit, I used Nominee (which is a Metallic Gold) with a brush and foam brush.  I then waxed & chalked  I painted the stable with an off-white with white paint from top middle to bottom. Of course, you can do this anyway you want😉  This is my favorite by far!  And it's a kit.  This is what comes with it: Here is my how to Video 📽️ So easy to make your own! Here is a link to this Kit! 👇🏻 Thanks for stopping by 👋🏻