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Having Fun With Christmas Chalking

I have been having so much fun Chalking for Christmas, that I forgot to post.....Oh my, I have three pieces and videos to post, so this is all three in one post!

Changing my Lazy Susan in my kitchen from fall (a load of pumpkins in the back of my truck & Halloween critters) to Winter/Christmas.🎄🤶

Chalking on my Box Frame 'Believe'.  On the other side I have chalked 'Harvest' which I displayed on Thanksgiving.

And my Nativity.  I sanded this block, stained it, whitewashed and distressed it.  I also put a light coat of natural wax to make it easier to chalk.

So a lot of chalking right?!  I realized I did a couple more which I do not have videos for.  I will post these at the end of this post.

So here are my how to videos:

Vintage Truck with 'Believe'

'Believe' on my Box Frame

So here is a little bonus, some pictures without videos.  Mother and daughter had some chalking time together!  Yeah, so much fun!

Mother (that's me)