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Life, Story, Home 🏠 🏡 🏘

I love the simplicity of this project ❗️ 'Life, Story, Home' 🏚 🏡 🏘 .  I used this transfer on our Sylvie Black Frame White Board.  I will post a link below 👇🏻 for all the supplies I used:;Quantity:1;Sku:P181122;Quantity:1;Sku:S193103;Quantity:1;Sku:T191104;Quantity:1;Sku:T201107;Quantity:1;Sku:T183102;Quantity:1;Sku:T183105;Quantity:1;Sku:T191101;Quantity:1; You, of course, can personalize this by the colors that are used & you can also use our fonts to put your name on the board. 🤔   For just a few ideas 💡 All of the products used today are reusable ❗️ Chalk paste goes on wet (well more like yogurt consistency) and dries hard.  Easy Peasy ‼️   Watch 👀 the 📹 to see how I remove the old design and re-chalk with a new design 😊 My Video:   (It takes me about a minute to get the video going) 🥴   If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (Club Couture Monthly Subscription) or join,

Stackable House Cutouts 🏘 🏚 🏠 🏡

  TaDa ❗️ I'm not going to lie, this one gave me fits.  It was me though and not the transfer, I kept changing my mind on the design.  You see this transfer has a collection of many house elements and you build them.  Fun! Yea, but I decided to chalk on a wood surface (porous ‼️ )  So every time I changed my mind I had to wipe whatever chalk off I could, sand and sometimes repaint.  I would recommend chalking on a non-porous surface (like a chalkboard)  😉   Especially if you change your mind in the middle of the design like I did. All the elements I used are from this transfer 'Stackable House Cutouts' except the love with the heart.  Here is a picture of the transfer. 👀 📹 If you would like to browse, shop, subscribe (Club Couture-monthly subscription) or join please click the link 👇🏻 below my bitmoji.