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Vinyl + Ink ....Ready, Set, Go❗️

Done & Done!  👏🏻

This was me playing without a machine or weeding! Yeah!!  I used Chalk Couture's many transfers & inks.  Tools I used are scissors, punches and heat press.  Here is the process:  
First, I fuzzed my transfers really really well as they stick to the vinyl almost too good!  LOL
Second, I used a variety of Chalk Couture ink on the transfers and removed the transfer, clean and put back on the backers.
Third, I dried it with a hair dryer on low or cool (you can also let this dry overnight on its own)
Fourth, I cut with a scissor and punches.
Fifth,  I heat set it.  I used a heat press (30 seconds at 305), but you can use an iron (4 minutes on dry cotton)  Don't forget to use parchment paper next to the heat source!
Sixth, I played and placed these vinyl stickers I created on water bottles, planters & mugs...actually, anything I could get my hands on  LOL  🤣 🤪

Here is my very short how to video

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