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Last Year's FSJ August Bloom Box......

When I got this bloom box I thought:  'Ok this is not for me' and it set on my shelf for One Full Year!  Eeak!  So, I finally decided to make them.  This is the set below called 'Great Outdoors':

Oh My Goodness!  Why, why, why did I wait so long.  Excellent masculine card, and I am always looking for ideas to make masculine cards!  I just changed some of the greetings that would work best for me.  Happy Dance 💃

A closer view:

Happy, happy, happy!  🙋🙋🙋  Now I have the full red rubber stamp set to make more great masculine cards!

Here is this year's August Bloom Box:

I wasn't sure I wanted this one either, but you better believe I will make this one as soon as I get it!

A few things to take note of our Bloom Box:

  • Kit to put together 4 cards including envelopes
  • All embellishments, card stock, color booklet instruction, envelopes and a full size red rubber stamp set.  The only thing you need to add are your adhesives and ink.
  • You can sign up for a six month subscription or month by month as supplies last.  The latter option cost $5 more.
  • Richard Garay designs these and they are always trendy and up to date.  So even if I'm not so current as long as I follow his example I can be trendy too!  :-)
For the month of August all of FSJ Ink Pads are 20% off.  If you decide to place an order please remember to put my coach #366 or my name (Cherie Criswell) on the order.  Thank You!

Eazy Peazy, Mac and Cheezy 

ps:  I know my daughter and son are shaking their heads saying mom just can't spell.  (and that is true, I spell check everything!)  This saying above is how I want to spell it.  I even wrote it down, because I want to be consistent with every post.  LOL