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Mrs. Claus' Candy Shop

Don't you love it!  I sure do.  I love the wow factor after I pull the transfer off.  It's always the feeling 'Wow, I did that?!  So cool!  Chalk Couture makes it so easy for everyone.  There is always a small learning curve so hopefully I am giving you all some tips and tricks in my videos.
  I am using my Hanging Banner again, the same one I used for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  (Check out my videos if you haven't seen them yet)  This hanging banner has a 2 per package refills.  So you can keep on changing it up for holidays, seasons, or just because you can!  LOL
The ink colors I used are:  Kiwi, Meadow, Shimmer Copper, Shimmer Gold, Candy Apple, Regal, Bumblebee, Bright White & Black Velvet.  
Wow, I guess I used a lot of colors........

And here is my how to video:

Ok, I counted and I think I used the term 'this is so much fun' at least 3 time!

If you would like to look closer, shop or join my team just click the link below my bitmoji!

Thanks Everyone!
  Please come back and say hi.