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Happy Thanksgiving!

So what are your favorite dishes to make and eat for Thanksgiving?  I like turkey maybe once a year.  LOL  But this year we are including chicken and ham.  Yum, thanks to two of my grandchildren who will be eating with us I will have other choices besides turkey!  My favorite of the sides are probably the green bean casserole, and stuffing (so long as no meat or organs [yuck] are in it)  😉 

I made this just for our holiday.
I used two transfers:  Thanksgiving Corners & Give Thanks.  Chalkology Paste are:  Fawn, Marigold, Garden Herb and two different shades of orange (which I mixed - I just added white to make it lighter)

So here is my how to video:

So if you would like to browse, shop or join just click the link below my bitmoji!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!